List of New Saber Alerts

Here is a list of New Saber Alerts, which announce the unveiling or release of a new lightsaber hilt design. The list includes both officially licensed lightsabers and unofficial, custom lightsabers. Please note that the list is incomplete, but is being expanded all the time.

Updated: 10/21/2021; ~375

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2021 New Saber Alerts

October 2021
DC Sabers Corellian Master Lightsaber (Corran Horn speeder bike handle inspired)
Korbanth Jade Lightsaber (Mara Jade inspired, includes autographed plaque)
LDM Custom Sabers Malak Lightsaber (KOTOR Malak inspired)
Starfall Sabers Curator Lightsaber (original design, handcrafted, oval profile)
Ultimate Works Sacrifice Lightsaber (Kanan Jarrus style, katana style)

September 2021
Hasbro Rey Skywalker Force FX Elite Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Jawa’s Junkyard The Claw Lightsaber (TFA wampa claw concept art inspired)
kyber-guy custom Saesee Tiin style Lightsaber (Saesee Tiin inspired, small batch)
KR Sabers x One Replicas ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber (Luke ROTJ hero inspired, budget friendly)
LGT Saber Studio Sailor Moon Wand Inspired Lightsaber (mashup, Sailor Moon inspired)
One Replicas SSMp Lightsaber (Darth Vader inspired, slimmed-down design)
Shadowfoil Props Hand of the Emperor Lightsaber (Mara Jade inspired)
Ultimate Works FO-C Lightsaber (Cere Junda Fallen Order inspired)

August 2021
Atom Sabers Chief Librarian Lightsaber (Jocasta Nu TCW inspired)
Korbanth Depa Council Saber Lightsaber (Depa Billaba inspired)
Mystic Knights Armory Draic Lightsaber (metal crossguard, original design)
Saberbay Petro Lightsaber (TCW Petro inspired)

July 2021
Ancient Armory Zweihänder Lightsaber (metal crossguard, original design)
Atom Sabers Depa Billaba Lightsaber (Depa Billaba inspired)
Blue Force Sabers Survivor Lightsaber (Mandalorian themed design, cast aluminum)
CCSabers Grandmaster Lightsaber (Yoda inspired)
Korbanth Bane Lightsaber (SWTOR Bane lightsaber)
Korbanth Dagobah Duo Lightsaber Set (Yoda inspired, two variations)
Korbanth MW1 Council Lightsaber (Prequel clan saber inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Dar-Krey Lightsaber (Dark Rey inspired, folding saberstaff)
Repulse Collectibles Legacy Saber (TRON Legacy Light Cycle Baton inspired)

June 2021
AFAY Props x SaberMach ZERO-5 Lightsaber (original design with emitter shroud, for DIY)
AusSabers The Wanderer Lightsaber (Taron Malicos Fallen Order inspired)
Hasbro Lightsaber Squad The Mandalorian and The Child (licensed, lightsabers resemble characters)
Mystic Knights Armory Starfighter V2 Lightsaber (metal crossguard, original design)
Origin Saber Origin V1 Lightsaber (original design with emitter shroud, for DIY)

May 2021
JQ Sabers Kuryakyn Lightsaber (custom Sith style shoto)
Korbanth Malgus Lightsaber (SWTOR Malgus inspired)
LDM Custom Sabers Jacen Solo Lightsaber (Jacen Solo inspired)
SaberMach Crusader Lightsaber (Revan influenced, affordable neopixel saber)
SaberMach Heirloom Lightsaber (Darksaber inspired, affordable neopixel saber)
SaberMach Xentinel Lightsaber (affordable RGB sound saber)
SP Sabers Spinflex Lightsaber (inspired by ROTS Hayden Christiansen stunt lightsaber)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Darksaber Legacy Lightsaber (licensed)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Leia Organa Legacy Lightsaber (licensed)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Rey Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber (TROS, licensed)
Watto’s Junkyard x Lux Sabers Night Siblings Saberstaff (Maul Clone Wars S7 inspired)
WonderForce Master Q-Flyte Lightsaber (budget Qui-Gon Jinn inspired)

April 2021
High Council Sabers Yoda’s Lightsaber (Yoda inspired)
KLS M Lord Lightsabers (Darth Momin inspired, set of two hilts)
The Saber Merchant Zero.1 Lightsaber (original design for DIY)
Vader’s Vault x Slothfurnace Derelict Lightsaber
Vader’s Vault Promethean Lightsaber

March 2021
Atom Sabers Master EP Lightsaber (Even Piell inspired)
Kyberlight Vizsla Bundle and Vizsla Combo (Darksaber inspired bundle/combo)
WonderForce Fallen Flyte Lightsaber (budget Cal Kestis/Jaro Tapal inspired)

February 2021
ACLightsabers LV Lightsaber (Darth Vader influenced, budget friendly)
AZ Sabers Dawn Lightsaber (original design, katana-style/Kanan Jarrus influenced)
Larz’s Bone Works Carved in Bone Lightsaber (original design, faux bone grip)
Ultimate Works SS Sister Lightsaber (Second Sister inspired, double-bladed)
Ultimate Works VZ Lightsaber (SWTOR Ven Zallow inspired)
WonderForce HighBorn Lightsaber

January 2021
Atom Sabers Petro Lightsaber (TCW Petro inspired)
Azy’s Workshop Grond Lightsaber (LOTR Morgoth inspired, microrun)
Hasbro Lightsaber Squad Toy Line (licensed, lightsabers resemble characters)
One Replicas SSLk Super Stunt Lightsaber (Luke ROTJ V2 inspired, slimmed-down design)
Korbanth Desert Scavenger Lightsaber (Rey Skywalker TROS inspired)
Lord’s Lazerswords Exalt Crossguard Lightsaber (inspired by High Republic concept art)
Shadowfoil Props x Phoenix Props SF-BY21 Lightsaber (Grogu saber fan concept art inspired)
SithLord Sabers Menace Lightsaber (original design, SWTOR-esque emitter blades/claws)
Star Harbor ZFFO Lightsaber (Cal Kestis Padawan inspired)
Tethan Props Eowyn’s Lightsaber (LOTR Eowyn inspired)
Tethan Props Grogu’s Lightsaber (Grogu saber fan concept art inspired)
WonderForce FlameBorn lightsaber (Ren inspired)

2020 New Saber Alerts

December 2020
AZ Sabers Nomad Lightsaber (original design, exoskeleton-like profile)
Crossfire Props Human Sized Building Block Lightsaber (metal LEGO lightsaber inspired)
Hasbro Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX Elite Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Saberforge Fulcrum Lightsaber (Ahsoka Tano inspired, curved-hilt)
Saberproject Shop Notos Lightsaber (original design for dueling/spinning)
Shen Sabers Legend Hero Lightsaber (Luke ROTJ Hero inspired)
Tethan Props King Theoden’s Lightsaber (Herugrim) (LOTR Theoden inspired)
Ultimate Works OWP V2 Lightsaber (Obi-Wan Kenobi TPM/AOTC inspired)
Ultimate Works SO Brother Lightsaber (Savage Opress inspired, saberstaff)
Vader’s Vault Rival Lightaber (Maul influenced, small 2020 reissue batch)
WonderForce Mecha Saber Lightsaber (Gundam beam saber inspired)

November 2020
7 Chambers x Veracity Labs MoM of All Heroes Lightsabers (Luke ROTJ V2 inspired)
Electrum Sabercrafts Ebon Razor Smart Saber (Darksaber influenced)
Korbanth Katarn V2 Lightsaber (Katarn/Qu Rahn inspired)
Korbanth ReyFlex Lightsaber (repaired Graflex/repaired Skywalker inspired)
The Pach Store x Ultimate Works Flyte Lightsaber (original design, budget RGB sound saber)
Saberforge Cleric Lightsaber (original design, three emitter shrouds)
Saberforge Cultist Lightsaber (original design, low profile clawed emitter)
Saberforge Redeemed Lightsaber (Obi-Wan ANH inspired)
Shadowcrest Design Mando Lightsaber (original design, katana-style)
Tethan Props Thranduil Sword Lightsaber (LOTR Thranduil inspired)
Ultimate Works Severance Lightsaber

October 2020
7 Chambers VOS Lightsaber (Quinlan Vos inspired)
Atom Sabers The Wise Lightsaber (Darth Plagueis inspired)
Korbanth Satele Lightsaber (Satele Shan inspired)
Phoenix Props x SP Sabers Empress Regnant Lightsaber (Dark Rey inspired)
Star Harbor The Order Lightsaber (original design, mashup Luke ROTJ/High Republic era style)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber (licensed)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Count Dooku Legacy Lightsaber (licensed)
Tethan Props Saruman Dooku Lightsaber (mashup LOTR Saruman and Count Dooku inspired)
Warsabers Revanted Lightsaber (Revan inspired)

September 2020
Atom Sabers BlackRen V2 Lightsaber (original design, clawed emitter)
Atom Sabers Katooni Lightsaber (TCW Katooni inspired)
AusSabers Incendius Lightsaber (original design, ‘blank canvas’ hilt)
CCSabers Heroine Lightsaber Set (TCW Ahsoka Tano inspired)
Dark Force Custom Sabers Alliant Lightsaber (custom design, classic thin neck saber)
DC Sabers Knight of Gondor Lightsaber (custom design, Gondor theme from LOTR)
Hasbro Ahsoka Tano Force FX Elite Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber (licensed, buildable promo kit)
The Outer Rim Outpost The Gnarly Lightsaber (original design, Gary Morris production saber)
The Outer Rim Outpost The Thrasher Lightsaber (original design, Gary Morris production saber)
Star Harbor Balance Lightsaber (original design)
Target Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Workshop Toy Line (licensed, Target exclusive)
Tethan Props Glamdring Lightsaber (inspired by Gandalf’s sword, Glamdring)
WonderForce / The Pach Store Battle Brick Saber (LEGO lightsaber inspired)

August 2020
Hasbro Emperor Palpatine Force FX Elite Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Inspira Designs Custom Full Size Lightsaber (LEGO lightsaber inspired)
Korbanth Sister Saber Lightsaber (Seventh Sister inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas ECO Luke ROTJ V2 Lightsaber (Luke ROTJ V2 inspired)
One Replicas SSMu Super Stunt Lightsaber (slimmed-down, Maul inspired)
Sabertrio Senza Lightsaber (original design, Cal Kestis influenced)
Shadowcrest Design Templar Crossguard Lightsaber (original design, High Republic style)
Shadowcrest Design Vestige V2.5 Lightsaber (simplified Satele Shan inspired)
Shen Sabers Amphibian Lightsaber (Kit Fisto inspired)
Star Harbor Revan the Crusador Lightsaber (Revan cover art inspired)
Tethan Props Frodo’s Lightsaber V2 (LOTR Frodo inspired)
Tethan Props Gimli’s Lightsaber (LOTR Gimli inspired)
Tethan Props Legolas’s Lightsaber (LOTR Legolas inspired)
Ultimate Works Hero V1 Lightsaber (Luke ROTJ Hero inspired, 2020 reissue)
Ultimate Works LA9 The Princess Lightsaber (Leia inspired)
Watto’s Collectibles Fallen Order Cal Kestis Lightsaber (Cal Kestis inspired, solid display piece)
Watto’s Junkyard Mr. Tyranus Lightsaber (Count Dooku inspired)

July 2020
5280 Printing The Lost One Lightsaber (Sifo-Dyas inspired)
ACLightsabers TCO Lightsaber (Graflex/Skywalker influenced, budget friendly)
Area 55 Labs Imperator Lightsaber (original design)
Atom Sabers Master KM Lightsaber (formerly known as KAM) (Ki-Adi-Mundi inspired)
Ignition Saber Co. Mercury Lightsaber (original design)
Jawa’s Junkyard Yungling Lightsaber (Gungi inspired)
Korbanth Ancient Rev Light and Ancient Rev Dark Lightsabers (Revan inspired)
Tethan Props Aragorn’s Lightsaber (LOTR Aragorn inspired)
Tethan Props Gandalf’s Lightsaber (LOTR Gandalf staff inspired)
Tethan Props Sauron’s Lightsaber (LOTR Sauron inspired)
Ultimate Works Master Q V2 Lightsaber (Qui-Gon Jinn inspired)
Ultimate Works Snipx Lightsaber (Ahsoka Tano inspired)

June 2020
Atom Sabers Master ST Lightsaber (Shaak Ti inspired)
Biomechine Props Foam LARP Saber Talon (Talon inspired foam LARP lightsaber)
Jawa’s Junkyard The Lord of Thunder Lightsaber (Mjölnir, Thor hammer inspired)
Korbanth Bastila Shan Lightsaber (Bastila Shan inspired)
Korbanth DM2020 Lightsaber (Maul inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Emperor Lightsaber (Palpatine inspired)
Lukyanov Oggdo Killer Lightsaber (Jaro Tapal/Cal Kestis inspired)
One Replicas SSBK Super Stunt Lightsaber (slimmed-down Obi-Wan)
Saberforge Rebel Princess Lightsaber (Leia lightsaber)
Star Harbor Ancient Democracy Lightsaber (thin neck, High Republic vibe)
Vader’s Vault Aggressive Negotiations Lightsaber (original design)
Wonderful Sabers Hope Lightsaber (Leia inspired)
Wonderful Sabers Scavenger Lightsaber (Rey Skywalker TROS inspired)

May 2020
7 Chambers TOR Acolyte Lightsaber (Sith Acolyte inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Princess LO Lightsaber (Leia inspired)
Lux Sabers Ventress Redemption V2 Lightsaber (Ventress inspired)
The Padawans Saber Shop Padawan Lightsaber (original design)
The Padawans Saber Shop Storm Trooper Lightsaber (stormtrooper armor inspired)
Rebellion Outpost Frozen Imperialist Lightsaber (original design)
Saberforge Descendant Mk2 Lightsaber (original design, thin neck saber)
SaberMach Templar Neopixel Lightsaber (Revan influenced, affordable neopixel)
Ultimate Works FST Lightsaber (Kit Fisto inspired)
Ultrasabers Princess Lightsaber (Leia inspired)
Vader’s Vault Protector Lightsaber (original design)
WonderForce Dark Shadowblade V2 Lightsaber (affordable, Darksaber inspired)
WonderForce Princess Lightsaber (affordable, Leia inspired)

April 2020
Electrum Sabercrafts Scion Smart Saber (Kylo Ren influenced)
Korbanth SK2-Rogue Master Lightsaber (Starkiller inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas KRORSSGUARD Lightsaber (high end, Kylo Ren inspired)
Saberforge The Way Lightsaber (Mando armor inspired)

March 2020
Korbanth Fallen V2 Lightsaber (Jaro Tapal/Cal Kestis inspired)
Saberproject Shop Patronus Lightsaber (original design for dueling/spinning)
Saberproject Shop Zephyr Lightsaber (original design for dueling/spinning )

February 2020
Hasbro Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Hasbro The Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber Toy (licensed)
Korbanth QuiGold Lightsaber (Qui-Gon inspired)
NerfworXlab Darkstar Lightsaber (Darksaber inspired)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Ben Solo Legacy Lightsaber (licensed)
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Reforged Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber (licensed)
Ultimate Works AA Lightsaber (Anakin AOTC inspired)
Vader’s Vault Negotiator Lightsaber (animated Obi-Wan inspired)

January 2020
Crossfire Props Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber (LEGO inspired, 3D printed)
Korbanth GL9 Lightsaber (Leia inspired)
Kyberlight Matte Black Lightsaber Hilt (original design)
Phoenix Props Jedi Killer Lightsaber (Kylo Ren concept inspired)
Sabertrio Vektra Lightsaber (original design)
Ultrasabers Empress Lightsaber (Rey Skywalker inspired)

2019 New Saber Alerts

December 2019
Hasbro Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Hasbro Star Wars Rey Electronic Lightsaber Toy (licensed)
Saberforge Cyber Assassin Lightsaber (original design)
Saberforge DarkRey Lightsaber (Folding) (Dark Rey inspired)

November 2019
EFX Collectibles Dark Side Rey Lightsaber (licensed)
Hasbro Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Hasbro Kit Fisto Force FX Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
JQ Sabers Excelsior Cross Guard Lightsaber (original design, crossguard for dueling)
KR Sabers Flagship V2 Lightsaber (original design)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Apprentice OWK Lightsaber (Obi-Wan TPM/AOTC inspired)
Saberforge Rapier Lightsaber (rapier inspired)
Ultimate Works FO Lightsaber (Jaro Tapal/Cal Kestis inspired)
Ultimate Works RVJ Lightsaber (Revan inspired)

October 2019
Hasbro Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy (licensed, toy)
Ki Sabers Slayer Lightsaber (original design, katana saber)
The Pach Store ErgoFlex Lightsaber (affordable, Graflex inspired)
Shen Sabers IGD Brave Master Lightsaber (Ima-Gun-Di inspired, clan saber)
Watto’s Junkyard Regional Manager Lightsaber (Maul inspired)

September 2019
Electrum Sabercrafts Allegiant Smart Saber (Ahsoka Tano influenced)
Electrum Sabercrafts Neophyte Smart Saber (original design)
Hasbro Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Saberforge Desert Warrior Lightsaber (A’Sharad Hett inspired)

August 2019
Atom Sabers KF Master Lightsaber (Kit Fisto inspired)
Blue Force Sabers Tyro Saber (original design)
Ki Sabers Persuade V2 Lightsaber (original design, dueling saber)
The Pach Store Shiva Lightsaber (affordable stunt saber)
Saberforge Katana Mk4 Lightsaber (original design, katana-style)
SaberMach SG54 Lightsaber (original design, affordable RGB sound saber)
Sabertrio Reaver Lightsaber (original design)

July 2019
Saberforge Reyflex Lightsaber (Repaired Graflex) (Repaired Graflex inspired)

June 2019
Phoenix Props Sentinel Lightsaber (original design)
Ultrasabers Dominicide Lightsaber (Exar Kun inspired)
Ultimate Works Bors the Dragonslayer Lightsaber (original design, affordable neopixel)
Ultimate Works DM Lightsaber (Darth Maul TPM inspired)

May 2019
Atom Sabers Kanan Jedi Temple Lightsaber (Kanan inspired)
Jawa’s Junkyard MistressV Lightsaber (SWTOR Vaylin inspired)
Kaizen Saber Okami Lightsaber (Katana Saber) (original design, katana-style)
Korbanth Duke V2 Lightsaber (Count Dooku inspired)
Lukyanov Crimson Lord Lightsaber (Maul Rebels inspired)
Saberforge Fallen Order Lightsaber (Jaro Tapal/Cal Kestis inspired)

April 2019
Atom Sabers Nahdar Vebb Lightsaber (TCW Nahdar Vebb inspired)

March 2019
Bendu Armory AT and AT-Shoto Lightsaber (TCW Ahsoka Tano inspired)
Ultimate Works DV3 Lightsaber (Darth Vader ROTS inspired)
WonderForce Zetsu Lightsaber (original design, katana-style)

February 2019
KR Sabers RVN Lightsaber (SWTOR Revan inspired)
The Pach Store Sunkiller Lightsaber (Starkiller inspired)

January 2019

Electrum Sabercrafts Aurora Smart Saber (original design, thin neck)
Korbanth AS2 Lightsaber (AOTC Anakin inspired)
Korbanth DMS Lightsaber (Maul Solo inspired)
Korbanth OWK3 Lightsaber (ROTS Obi-Wan inspired)
Korbanth Skinnyflex Lightsaber (ROTS Anakin inspired)
Saberforge Nihilist Lightsaber (Nihilus inspired)
SaberMach Photon G4 Lightsaber (inspired by Kagemitsu G4 photon sword)
Sabertrio Mirah Lightsaber (original design)
Watto’s Junkyard x Phoenix Props Spectre 6 Lightsaber (Ezra Bridger lightsaber blaster)

2018 New Saber Alerts

December 2018
Anakin Starkiller Darth Maul TPM Lightsaber Prop (Maul inspired, resin prop)
Arm on Fire Custom Sabers Sith Lord V3 Lightsaber (Vader ROTS inspired)
WonderForce x Ultimate Works Kishi Lightsaber (Imperial Knight inspired)

November 2018
Vaapad Saber Armoury Mediaeval Lightsaber (original crossguard design, broadsword style)

October 2018
Hasbro Darth Maul Force FX Lightsaber (licensed)
Hasbro Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Hasbro Mace Windu Force FX Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
KR Sabers VEEZEE Lightsaber (SWTOR Ven Zallow inspired)
The Pach Store Maverick V2 Lightsaber (affordable sound saber)
Saberforge Triton Lightsaber (original crossguard design, crystal chamber)
Vader’s Vault The Revanchist Lightsaber (Revan inspired)

September 2018
Atom Sabers Byph CW Lightsaber (TCW Byph inspired)
Dark Force Custom Sabers Reborn Lightsaber (original design)
One Replicas Obi Arena Lightsaber (clan saber, Obi arena inspired)
Ultimate Works Hero V1 Lightsaber (Luke ROTJ Hero inspired)
Ultrasabers V5 Lightsabers (original designs, new product line)
Vader’s Vault “The Light” Lightsaber (Ben Solo inspired)

August 2018
Dark Force Custom Sabers Resurgence Lightsaber (original design, Graflex influenced)
The Pach Store Clan 1 Lightsaber (affordable sound saber, Kit Fisto inspired)
Saberforge Commando Lightsaber (original design, flat profile)
Saberforge Outcast Lightsaber (Kyle Katarn inspired)
Saberforge Pathfinder Lightsaber (Plo Koon inspired)
SaberMach Makaze Lightsaber (affordable sound saber, katana saber)
Starfall Sabers Imperial Knight Lightsaber (Imperial Knight inspired)
Ultrasabers Butcher Lightsaber (Revan inspired)
Ultrasabers Savior Lightsabers (Revan inspired)
Watto’s Junkyard Nightbrother Lightsaber (Clawed Saberstaff) (Savage Opress inspired)

July 2018
Flowsaber Gen 2 Lightsaber (original design for spinning, sparring and preformance)
Lux Sabers Yoda Lightsaber (custom Yoda inspired)
The Pach Store Lab1 Lightsaber (original design, affordable crystal chamber)
Saberforge Gladii Battle Staff Lightsaber (SWTOR inspired)
Saberforge Temple Guard Battle Staff lightsaber (Jedi Temple Guard inspired)
Ultrasabers Spectre Lightsaber (Kanan Jarrus inspired)

June 2018
Force Relics x Jevaho Creations Petro Lightsaber (TCW Petro inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Revenge Lightsaber (Maul TPM inspired)
Ox Works MJ Lightsaber (Mara Jade inspired)

May 2018
Ultimate Works Master Y Lightsaber (Yoda inspired)

April 2018
Shameem BrokeFlex Lightsaber (broken-in-two Skywalker inspired, display piece)

March 2018

Atom Sabers Ganodi Lightsaber (TCW Ganodi inspired)
Genesis Custom Sabers Creed Lightsaber (original design, Corran Horn influenced)

February 2018
Saberforge Adamant Lightsaber (Shaak Ti/Adi Gallia inspired, clan saber)
Saberforge Xiphos Lightsaber (original design, flared emitter)
Vader’s Vault Rival Lightaber (Maul influenced)

January 2018
LDM Custom Saber KotORevan Lightsaber (KOTOR Revan inspired)
Ox Works NNYPD Lightsaber (Futurama NNYPD energy baton inspired)

2017 New Saber Alerts

December 2017
Kaizen Saber Ventus Lightsaber (original design)
Korbanth Y3 Lightsaber (Yoda inspired)
Ultimate Works x WonderForce Flextana Lightsaber (Graflex/katana inspired mashup)

November 2017
Saberforge Adept Lightsaber (Ezra Bridger thin neck inspired)
Sabertrio Aeryn Lightsaber (original design, thin neck)
Ultrasabers Brood Guard Lightsaber (lightsaber tonfa)

September 2017
Illuminated Saber Starwalker Lightsaber (original design, Graflex and Original Trilogy influenced)

August 2017
Illuminated Saber The Rebel Lightsaber (Graflex inspired, slimmed-down design)
LDM Custom Sabers Malakyte 2.0 Lightsaber (Darth Malak inspired)

July 2017
ACLightsabers Kota Lightsaber (Rahm Kota inspired, affordable)
Ox Works OxW-VZ Lightsaber (SWTOR Ven Zallow inspired)
Vader’s Vault Brawler Lightsaber (original design, large emitter bell)

June 2017
KR Sabers x One Replicas Adi Gallia Lightsaber (Adi Gallia/Shaak Ti inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Luminara Unduli Lightsaber (Luminara Unduli inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Plo Koon Lightsaber (Plo Koon inspired)
KR Sabers x One Replicas Barriss Offee Lightsaber (Barriss Offee/Aayla Secura inspired)
The Pach Store Shadowblade Dark Saber Lightsaber (Darksaber inspired)
Starfall Sabers Corran Horn Lightsaber (Corran Horn inspired)

May 2017
Evolution Arms Dark Apprentice Lightsaber (original design, entry level)
High Council Sabers Emissary lightsaber (original design, Qui-Gon/Obi TPM influenced)
Lux Sabers Corran Horn Lightsaber V1 (Corran Horn inspired)

March 2017
Roman Props Antigonee V2 Lightsaber (original design, Obi-Wan influenced)
Saberforge Aeon Lightsaber (original design, slanted emitter)
Saberforge Heretic Lightsaber (Starkiller inspired)
Saberforge Talon Lightsaber (original design, clawed emitter)

January 2017
Force Relics Obi-Wan Apprentice Lightsaber (alternate Obi-Wan apprentice inspired)

2016 New Saber Alerts

December 2016
T39a Eunomia Lightsaber (original design, affordable RGB crystal reveal)

November 2016
Illuminated Saber Electrum Battalion Issue Lightsaber (origin design, clan saber style)
SaberMach Dark Storm Lightsaber (original design, hexagonal body/angular sides)

September 2016
Illuminated Saber Threshold Lightsaber (original design, Anakin AOTC influenced)
Jevaho Creations Insidious Lightsaber (alternate Palpatine lightsaber)
Ox Works KTR Lightsaber (inspired by an in-game KOTOR lightsaber)
Saberforge Dark Paladin Lightsaber
(original design, long-handled crossguard)
Saberforge Mercenary Lightsaber (original design, Graflex/Mara Jade influenced)
Vader’s Vault Legionnaire Lightsaber (original design, katana style saber)

July 2016
LDM Custom Sabers 51TH Commando 2.0 Lightsaber (original design, custom Sith trooper style)

June 2016
Saberforge Crusader Lightsaber ‘Plasma Axe’ (halberd/long-handled saber axe)

May 2016
Force Relics Kyle Katarn Lightsaber (Kyle Katarn inspired)
Inspira Designs ID4 Lightsaber (original design)
Saberforge Vanquish Lightsaber (original design, curved-hilt)

April 2016
Saberkraft Big Boy lightsaber (thin neck, Jacen Solo inspired)

February 2016
Force Relics Ultor Lightsaber (original design, curved-hilt)
Force Relics Yun Lightsaber (Yun inspired)

2015 New Saber Alerts

December 2015
CSJ Props JKDFII Lightsaber (Katarn/Qu Rahn inspired) CANCELLED RUN
Illuminated Saber R1 Lightsaber (original design, ergonomic Luke ROTJ style)

November 2015
Genesis Custom Sabers Vector Lightsaber (original design for dueling)

October 2015
Luuke Custom Full Size LEGO Lightsaber (LEGO lightsaber inspired)

August 2015
Force Relics Wampa lightsaber (TFA wampa claw concept art inspired)
Hasbro Yoda Force FX Lightsaber (licensed, The Black Series)
Saberforge Black Lotus Lightsaber (original design, ‘flower petal’ clawed emitter)
Saberforge Destiny Lightsaber (Jaina Solo inspired)
Saberforge Grandmaster Lightsaber (Satele Shan inspired)

July 2015
Saberforge Archon Lightsaber (original design, shrouded body/emitter)
Ultrasabers Renegade Lightsaber (original crossguard design, Kylo Ren influenced)

May 2015
Vader’s Vault Wrath Lightsaber (original design)

April 2015
Saberforge Dissident Lightsaber (Rahm Kota inspired)
Saberforge Sorcerer Lightsaber (Exar Kun inspired)

March 2015
Ultrasabers Chosen One Lightsaber (Vader inspired)

February 2015
Saberforge Exile Lightsaber (Quilan Vos inspired)
Saberforge Juggernaut Lightsaber (SWTOR Malgus inspired)

January 2015
Saberforge Consular Lightsaber (original design)

2014 to 2003 New Saber Alerts

October 2014
Saberforge Rebel Lightsaber (Kanan Jarrus inspired)

September 2014
Saberforge Tanto Lightsaber (original design, samurai tanto inspired)
Saberforge Venomous Fury lightsaber (original design)
Volt1987 Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Prop Replica for cosplay (Darth Vader inspired, belt hanger)

January 2014
Vader’s Vault Legacy Lightsaber (Graflex influenced)

December 2013
Ultrasabers Omen Lightsaber (inspired by ThunderCats Sword of Omens, crossguard saber)

October 2013
Genesis Custom Sabers Badaxx Lightsaber (curved-hilt, original design)

August 2013
Saberforge Jade Fire Lightsaber (Mara Jade inspired)

June 2013
Ultrasabers Scorpion Lightsaber (original design)

May 2013
Force Relics Gungi Lightsaber (Gungi inspired, wooden hilt and metal pommel/blade holder)

February 2013
Force Relics Green Knight Lightsaber (SWTOR inspired)

January 2013
Ultrasabers Reaper Lightsaber (original design, clawed emitter/pommel)

December 2012
Vader’s Vault Ember Lightsaber (original design, SWTOR design cues)

November 2012
Orbital Machining Stormtrooper Lightsaber (stormtrooper lightsaber inspired, 2nd run)

October 2012
Saberforge Rebel Princess Lightsaber (Leia Organa Solo inspired, Legends, updated design)

July 2012
Ultrasabers Malice Lightsaber (SWTOR Darth Malgus inspired)

April 2012
Ultrasabers Monarch Lightsaber (original design, scepter-like)

November 2011
Ultrasabers Overlord Lightsaber (original design, flanged emitter)

June 2011
Ultrasabers Catalyst Lightsaber (original design, crown emitter)

April 2011
Parks Sabers Dusara Lightsaber (Ahsoka Tano TCW inspired)

March 2011
Ultrasabers War Glaive Lightsaber (original design, clawed emitter)

July 2010
Vader’s Vault Malum Diabolus Lightsaber (original design, Sith inspired)
Vader’s Vault Sith Stalker Lightsaber (TFU/TFU2 Sith Stalker inspired)

March 2010
Orbital Machining Stormtrooper Lightsaber (stormtrooper lightsaber inspired)

October 2009
Ultrasabers Oppressor V2 Lightsaber (original design, pin-hole windows in the emitter)

July 2009
Orbital Machining x LDM Custom Sabers Yun Lightsaber (Yun inspired)
Parks Sabers Aria Lightsaber (original design, Darth Vader influenced)
Saberforge Rebel Princess Lightsaber (Leia Organa Solo inspired, Legends)

May 2006
Parks Sabers Conflict Stunt Lightsaber (Graflex influenced)

February 2009
Saberforge Troopers Blade Lightsaber (stormtrooper lightsaber inspired)

February 2003
Parks Sabers Double Helix Lightsaber (original design, clawed saberstaff)
Parks Sabers Fusion Lightsaber (original design, slanted emitter)