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The JQ Sabers Excelsior Cross Guard lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, which features a metal crossguard and side blades, is designed by Silver Sabres Combat Academy with the rigors of full competition dueling in mind. The Excelsior lightsaber is configured as a stunt saber (light only, no sound). The slim design of the hilt does not support soundboards.

JQ Sabers https://www.jqsabers.com

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JQ Sabers Excelsior Cross Guard Lightsaber
JQ Sabers Excelsior Cross Guard Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT JQ Sabers

JQ Sabers Excelsior Cross Guard lightsaber hilt measures about 41 cm long and weighs 765g. The hilt accepts a 1 inch diameter main blade (not included). The the simplicity, practicality and elegance of the hilt aesthetics are informed by the rigors for full contact, sport saber combat. Two 9 cm side blades, featuring parabolic blade tips, are included. Excelsior is configured as a stunt saber with light only and no sound. The hilt is too narrow in diameter to accommodate soundboards.

The lightsaber is equipped with a 3W LED in the main blade and a 1W LED for each side blade (CREE LED upgrade options are available). The leather wrap is from defconbird. JQ Sabers offers powder coating and weathering options as well.

JQ Sabers https://www.jqsabers.com

JQ Sabers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company. The company sells a variety of custom sabers and custom saber parts and supplies. JQ Sabers is a UK supplier of parts from The Custom Saber Shop (US) as well.

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