Product Review Request Form

Do you sell lightsabers, lightsaber accessories (i.e. stands, blade plugs, blades, etc) or other lightsaber-themed products? Would you like to increase exposure for your product and connect with SaberSourcing’s fan base of passionate lightsaber enthusiasts (and potential buyers)?

If you’d like SaberSourcing to create a free YouTube review video of your lightsaber related product, please contact me below. If your request is accepted, we can arrange for you to mail me a sample product. For higher valued items, I can borrow the item for a few weeks and mail the item back to you upon completion of the review, if you provide a return shipping label.

I’m just a small etsy store or just starting out. Can I still apply?
Yes! All sellers, small and large, are welcomed and encouraged to apply for product review consideration. In fact, SaberSourcing has already worked with various eBay and etsy sellers, reviewing their lightsaber related products like blade plugs, blade covers, stands, etc.

I’m not the product vendor. Can I still make a product review request?
If you’re a fan and not the product vendor, please contact the vendor of the product you’d like me to review and encourage them to fill out the SaberSourcing Product Review Request Form.

Where do I send my product sample?
SaberSourcing is based in the United States. I’ll provide more detailed location information upon acceptance of the Product Review Request.