List of Lightsaber Company Spotlight Articles

Lightsaber Company Spotlight pieces are informative articles describing the history and product offerings of lightsaber companies. Here’s a list of the articles.

Licensed Lightsaber Companies

EFX Collectibles: Licensed Lightsaber Prop Replicas and Helmets
ICONS Authentic Replicas: High-End Prop Replicas Lightsaber Maker
Master Replicas: Force FX Lightsabers and High-End Prop Replica Lightsabers
Rubie’s Costume Co: Star Wars Costume Accessory Lightsabers and Costumes

Custom Lightsaber Companies

7 Chambers: Empty Hilts and FX Boards for Stunt Sabers
ACLightsabers: Budget Stunt Sabers, Sound Sabers and Accessories
Argentum Sabers: Custom Sabers, Commissions and First German Showroom
aynranfan: Movie Inspired Lightsaber Hilts
Black Bear Salvage: Realistic, Found Parts Style Blade Plugs
Blue Force Sabers: Superhero Mashup Lightsabers, Blade Plugs and Tsuba
CAG Custom Creations: Wooden Lightsaber Box Maker
The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS): One Stop Shop for Lightsaber Parts
DarkLyte Customs: Acrylic Lightsaber Stands and SaberLok Belt Clips CLOSED
Darth Alice Sabers: Katana Lightsabers, Museum Quality Masterpieces
DCHolocrons: Holocron and Holocron Lightsaber Stand Seller
defconbird: Saber Bags, Blade Plugs and Leather Wrap
GOTH-3Designs: Lightsaber Chassis and Accessory Company
The Graflex Shop: replica Graflex flash and parts
Infinity 3D Prints: Budget Friendly Saber Stands, Wall Mounts and Cosplay Props
Jawa’s Junkyard: 3D Printed and Machined Character Hilts
JQ Sabers: Custom Sabers and Lightsaber Parts Supplier
KR Sabers: Empty Hilts, Accessories, Parts
Kyberlight Sabers: One Hilt, Many Mix-and-Match Accessories
Lux Sabers: Sabersmith and Soundfont Artist
One Replicas: Slimmed-down movie inspired hilts and saber parts
Outer Rim Sabers: Custom Sabers, Flame Blade Plug, Saber Stands
The Pach Store: WonderForce, Ultimate Works, cheap sound sabers
Parks Sabers: Custom Saber Maker Since 1993
Quest Design Canada: LED Lightsaber Stands, Acrylic Stands and Display Plaques
Red Five Customs: Lightsaber Stand and Prop Display Seller
Rogue Arsenal: Lightsabers, Parts, and Blade Plugs
SaberBay: Empty Hilts and Parts Store
Saberkraft: SaberMount belt clips and custom sabers
Sabertrio: Neopixel, FX RGrB sound sabers, stunt sabers
Salt Lake Saber Co: Found Parts Stunt Sabers, Empty Hilts and Stands
Sith Bunny Blade Plugs: Turbine and Logo Blade Plugs and Inserts CLOSED
Solo’s Hold: Empty hilts and limited runs
Spartan Sabers: Budget YDD Saber Seller
TheronThings: Hand Made Wooden Lightsaber Hilts
Ultimate Works: Movie inspired lightsaber hilts
YDD Saber: The budget custom saber company you’ve never heard about