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Infinity 3D Prints [affiliate link] is a United States based Etsy store that offers a selection of custom saber stands and wall mounts for displaying lightsabers. The company sells some custom Star Wars inspired cosplay props as well. Marvin Morris launched the Infinity 3D Prints Etsy store in 2016.

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Infinity 3D Prints Lightsaber Stands
The company sells 6 different lightsaber stand designs, including variations like a vertical stand, a double saber stand and a triple saber stand. Some stands are made out of 3D printed plastic and others are made out of acrylic. The stands, many of which are budget friendly, range in price from $5 to $50 (for the triple saber stand)

Infinity 3D Prints Lightsaber Wall Mounts
Infinity 3D Prints also offers 4 different lightsaber wall mount designs: a horizontal wall mount (for lightsabers with a blade), a horizontal mount (for lightsaber hilts without a blade), a Covertec wall mount (for lightsabers equipped with a Covertec wheel), and a vertical wall mount (which includes a clip to secure the blade in place). The vertical wall mount, entitled ‘BEST Wall Mount’, is one of Infinity 3D Prints’ most popular sellers and is available in black or clear.

Infinity 3D Prints Bulk Discounts
The company offers bulk discounts on purchase of 5 or more of the same lightsaber stand or wall mount. Contact the seller for more details.

Other Star Wars Inspired Cosplay Props
In addition to producing lightsaber stands and wall mounts, Infinity 3D Prints also makes other custom Star Wars inspired cosplay props and display pieces including: blaster parts kits, Revan Mask, Nihilist Mask, KOTOR Sith Mask, Commander Grey Sword and Accessories, porg, and even a lightsaber wand.

Miscellaneous Custom Jobs
Infinity 3D Prints accepts both customization requests and custom jobs. Contact the seller for more details.

Infinity 3D Prints Etsy Store affiliate link

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