12 Lightsaber Stand Makers Who Display Hilts in Cool Ways

12 Lightsaber Stand Makers

A cool lightsaber stand complements a lightsaber hilt and completes the look of your lightsaber display. Laser cut acrylic stands and 3D printed plastic stands remain among the most popular options, although some companies use other materials. Let’s explore 12 different lightsaber stand makers. 1. ThePCModShop (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/thepcmodshopUnited States seller ThePCModShop offers nice clean, classic, … Read more

Lightsaber Stand Maker Red Five Customs Abruptly Closes for “Foreseeable Future” | News

Etsy seller RedFiveCustoms abruptly announced their custom lightsaber stand store is closing for the “foreseeable future”. The United States based company had specialized sleek, laser cut and laser engraved acrylic lightsaber hilt stands, emblazoned with familiar Star Wars inspired logos or emblems on the base of the stand. After the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s … Read more

Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Hilt Stand: What You Should Know

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Hilt Stand

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Hilt Stand is available exclusively from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The metal lightsaber stand, which is designed to hold a lightsaber hilt without the blade, is sized for Savi’s Workshop lightsaber hilts (i.e. the custom, build your own lightsaber) and legacy lightsaber hilts (i.e. … Read more

Sabertrio Saber Workbench Display Stand Unveiled | New Product Alert

The Sabertrio Saber Workbench custom saber display stand has been unveiled. The intricately detailed, high-end metal lightsaber stand is designed to display a hilt without the blade.

ThePCModShop: Custom Saber Stand and Wall Mount Seller | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

ThePCModShop is a United States based lightsaber stand and wall mount seller. The company makes an extensive variety of over 50 custom lightsaber stands, lightsaber wall mounts, and lightsaber display options. The stands are pre-assembled and require no additional gluing or assembly upon arrival. ThePCModShop operates an Esty store. ThePCModShop https://www.etsy.com/shop/thepcmodshop affiliate link RELATED LIGHTSABER … Read more

Lightsaber Wall Mounts: What You Should Know

A lightsaber wall mount, sometimes referred to as lightsaber wall rack, is a device that attaches to the wall in order to hold and display a lightsaber. A lightsaber wall mount typically attaches to the wall with screws. Similar to lightsaber stands, Star Wars fans commonly utilize lightsaber wall mounts to display: Star Wars Galaxy’s … Read more

Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights Review | RGB remote

Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED

Quest Design Canada makes a super cool custom Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights. Quest Design Canada is a Canada based Etsy store that sells high end, illuminated lightsaber stands along with lightsaber name plates and various prop replicas. Full disclosure, Quest Design Canada sent me this stand for free. Quest Design Canada Etsy Store affiliate … Read more

Red Five Customs: Lightsaber Stand and Prop Display Seller | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Red Five Customs

Red Five Customs (affiliate link) is a United States based Etsy store that specializes in custom acrylic lightsaber stands. The store currently offers over 50 stand designs. The stands features a base and arms or prongs to hold the hilt. Red Five Customs (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedFiveCustoms affiliate link Most of the stands from Red Five Customs are … Read more

Display Stands Direct 4 Tier Acrylic Lightsaber Stand Review

Display Stands Direct 4 Tier Acrylic lightsaber stand

This is a Display Stands Direct (eBay) [affiliate link] 4 Tier Acrylic Lightsaber Stand. I acquired the stand secondhand, but Display Stands Direct continues to sell the stand new in their eBay store. Display Stands Direct is based in the United States and specializes in making display stands for lightsabers, helmets, blasters, and other props. … Read more