Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights Review | RGB remote

Quest Design Canada makes a super cool custom Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights. Quest Design Canada is a Canada based Etsy store that sells high end, illuminated lightsaber stands along with lightsaber name plates and various prop replicas. Full disclosure, Quest Design Canada sent me this stand for free.

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Quest Design Canada makes several illuminated stand variations. The one I’m using is designed for a single lightsaber hilt. I’m currently displaying a Disney Parks Rey Lightsaber on the stand.

Several aspects of the stand are customizable. Quest Design Canada offers multiple stand sizes, including: Single, Double, Triple and even Quad. The company also makes a blaster stand.


The stand brackets also come in multiple sizes and heights and may be spaced to suit the size and shape of a specific lightsaber hilt. Quest Design Canada says that they are happy to answer questions regarding the sizing and spacing of the brackets.

My illuminated stand is the adjustable RGB version with a remote. The company also offers a single color version with a switch, although the RGB version offers a broader range of customization. You can rotate through 11 different colors, adjust the brightness, and switch modes. Some of the modes include a single color mode, a rotating color mode, and a pulsing color mode. The speed of the transitions is adjustable.

The stand brackets are made of metal and the base is made of metal with white plastic “windows” above the internal LED illumination. The stand’s rugged, practical aesthetics combined with the stadium-shaped Death Star corridor pattern “windows” on the base give the stand an in-universe feel. The stand exhibits a more strikingly bold and imposing presence than other smaller stands. The stand measures 16x6x5 inches.

The stand illuminates the lightsaber from the base, creating a strikingly bold and dramatic lighting effect. The stand illumination complements the illumination of a lightsaber blade. You can select a stand illumination color that closely matches, contrasts, or otherwise pairs with common lightsaber blade colors.

Overall, the Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights provides a high quality, high end, and in-universe lightsaber display experience.

Quest Design Canada is a family-run, Canada based company that makes custom lightsaber stands, display plaques, and prop replicas.

Quest Design Canada Etsy Store affiliate link

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