List of Lightsaber Reviews by SaberSourcing

Here’s a list of lightsaber reviews. The list is divided into three sections: Lightsaber Reviews, Lightsaber Accessory Reviews, and Lightsaber Novelty Items.

LIGHTSABER REVIEWS (Updated 2/4/2021)

Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers [2]
Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber
Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX Lightsaber

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsabers [3]
Asajj Ventress legacy lightsaber hilt
Jedi Temple Guard legacy lightsaber hilt
Savi’s Workshop Power and Control Lightsaber

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Etsy Lightsabers
Amazon Lightsabers
eBay Lightsabers

7 Chambers [1]
The Cade (Cade Skywalker style)

89 Sabers [1]
Qui-Gon Jinn

Crosspoint Sabers [1]
Dueling Lightsaber ‘Spirited Elegance’

High Council Sabers (Etsy seller) [1]
Starkiller (Graflex ‘Scrapflex’ style)

Jawa’s Junkyard (Facebook seller) [2]
Gungi (Gungi style) 2018 limited run
Odin’s Wrath (Orgus Din style)

Korbanth [1]
Darkness (Dark Rey style)

One Replicas (Etsy seller) [3]
SS-Gf Super Stunt (slimmed Graflex style)
SSOb Super Stunt (slimmed Obi-Wan Kenobi EpI/II style)
SSQy Super Stunt (slimmed Qui-Gon Jinn style)

Master Replicas [3]
Darth Sidious .45 Scale Lightsaber (Dark Chrome Variant; Best Buy Exclusive)
Darth Maul .45 Scale Lightsaber (Battle Damaged)
Yoda .45 Scale Lightsaber (Dark Chrome Variant; 2005 Convention Exclusive)

The Pach Store [1]
Unicron (Nihilus inspired)

Parks Sabers [1]
‘Snowflake’ lightssaber

Roman Props [3]
Balance V4
Flashgun 7 Converted and Battle Worn (Graflex style)
MJV2 (Mara Jade style)

Saberforge Lightsaber Reviews [29]
Acolyte (SWTOR style)
Avenger (Obi-Wan Kenobi EpI/EpII style)
Bane MK1 (RT) retired
Bastille (Bastila Shan style) retired
Chosen (thin neck)
The Count
Eris (katana saber)
Exile (Quinlan Vos style)
Fallen (Revan style)
Gladius (SWTOR style)
Justicar (Graflex tribute) retired
Phoenix (Ahsoka Tano style)
Prodigal Son (Luke ROTJ style)
Prodigy (Graflex tribute)
Reliant V3
Shadow Hunter (SWTOR style) retired
Silver Knight (Imperial Knight style) retired
Vengeance (Exar Kun style) retired
Vigilant (Ki-Adi-Mundi style) retired
Custom ASP ‘Emauler Prophecy’ custom ASP design
Custom ASP ‘Smoldering Vengeance’ custom ASP design
Custom ASP ‘Vexidis 3’ custom ASP design
Unknown Vintage Saberforge Lightsaber custom clan saber design

Sabertrio [2]

Solo’s Hold [2]
Corran Horn ‘Maverick’ retired
Padawan retired

Starfall Sabers [2]
Custom Mystery Saber ‘Steadfast Valor’ custom one-of-one design
Rahm Kota Variant one-of-one design

The Custom Saber Shop [1]
Custom MHS V1 ‘Noble Radiance’ custom MHS V1 design

Ultrasabers [21]
Aeon V3
Apprentice V5
Archon 3.1
Consular (Qui-Gon Jinn style)
Dark Apprentice V4
Dark Liberator V3
Dark Sentinel V4
Dark Sentinel LE V4
Dark Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 (vertical lines)
Dominix V2
Dominix V4
Dominix LE V4
Dorinian (Plo Koon style)
Grand Master (Satele Shan style)
Guardian (Obi-Wan Kenobi EpI/EpII style)
Initiate V5
Initiate LE V4
Prophecy V3 (Anakin EpII style)

Volt1987 [1]
Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop – Stainless Steel


3D Sabers (Etsy seller)
Blade Plug: Reactor, Jedi, and Sith

Arm on Fire Custom Sabers (AoF)
Vertical Saber Stand Imperial Cog (white)
Vertical Saber Stand Rebel Bird (red)

Blue Force Sabers (Etsy)
Galactic Empire Saber Tsuba (handguard add-on)

CosplayCovers (Etsy) / fire1st (eBay)
Red Flame Day Blade Covers for Force FX Kylo Ren
Flame Blade Cover for Force FX Rey or Luke

Crutchfield Woodshop (Etsy)
Wood Lightsaber Stand 1 Tier Display

The Custom Saber Shop
1″ Hilt Safety Plug
Hilt Safety Plug – Style 2 (Darth Vader MPP 2.0 ANH)
Hilt Safety Plug – Style 4 (Graflex)
Hilt Safety Plug – Style 5 (Darth Vader DV6)
Hilt Safety Plug – Style 7 (Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi)
Luke Ep 8 Target Exclusive Blade Plug
Red Card (clamp card)
Modular Hilt System V1 (MHS V1)

MHS Double Ended Male Threaded Connector Style 2
MHS Double Ended Male with Slots Style 3
MHS Gear Style 1 Extension
MHS Pommel Style 4

Darkside Engineering (The Rebel Armory seller)
R2T-S2 Shredder Blade Plug
R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Blade Plug

defconbird (eBay seller)
Custom Saber Bag
Chrome Ring Turbine Lightsaber Blade Plug
Mechanical Design Mult-Ring Glow Core Lightsaber Blade Plug

Jarret921 (eBay seller)
Crystal Chamber Blade Plug

KR Sabers
Brass/Alu KR Sabers Graflex Blade Plug
Darth Vader MPP 2.0 ANH Blade Plug
Darth Vader DV6 Blade Plug
Luke Ep 8 Target Exclusive Blade Plug
Simple Blade Plug

Kyberlight Blade Plug
Bow Shock Pommel (compatible with some Saberforge hilts)
Plasmafier Top Piece (compatible with some Saberforge hilts)

One Replicas
Clamp Card Ani ROTS EP3
Clamp Card for Luke ROTJ V2

Outer Rim Sabers
First Order 3D Printed Saber Stand
Rebel and Empire 3D Printed Saber Stand
Rebel Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand retired
‘Star Wars’ 3D Printed Saber Stand
Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand
XL Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand
Glow In the Dark Blade Plug: Crystal, Gem, Spiral, Flame all retired except Flame

Plaques 4 Props
Rey Lightsaber Display Plaque

Quest Design Canada
Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights
Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Name Plate on Stand

Ripper Clones
Cloned Arrowhead Blade (flat acrylic)
Cloned Spearhead Blade (flat acrylic)

Ripper Blades
Ninja Ripper Blade (flat acrylic)

Apprentice Blade Plug Black retired
Apprentice Blade Plug Dual Tone retired
Elite SF Blade Plug retired
Rebel Blade Plug
Round Reactor Blade Plug
V4 Infinity Edge Blade

Blade Plug retired

SaberWars (Etsy seller)
Aluminum Lightsaber Stand for 2 Sabers

sdalton256 (eBay seller) Sactown Steve
‘Dragon’s Breath’ Flat Acrylic Lightsaber Blade one-off
Ectoplasma Flat Acrylic Lightsaber Blade one-off

ESBA ESBB Clamp Card

Circle Blade Plug
‘US’ Blade Plug and ‘X’ Blade Plug retired
Guardian Pommel (MHS compatible)
Standard MHS Coupler [NO SOUND] (MHS compatible)

Bondhus GorillaGrip Set of 9 Hex Fold-Up Keys (lightsaber retention screw tool)
EngraveMyMemories Etsy Seller Wine Box (repurposed as lightsaber display box)


Artwork and Display Pieces
Theron Things Wood Lightsaber Hilt Luke ROTJ style (Etsy seller)
Digital Theory Elegant Weapons Art Print (Etsy seller)

The Custom Saber Shop
MHS Style Keychain (lightsaber keychain)
Light-Up Lightsaber Keychain (promo item)

Unbranded / Miscellaneous
$2 Lightsaber Keychain (from eBay)
Luke ROTJ Lightsaber Bottle Opener Keychain
Walmart Space Sword (toy)

Phone Apps
Lightsaber – Saber Simulator

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