jarret921 Clear lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug full review

The is a Crystal Chamber Blade Plug from eBay seller jarret921 [AFFILIATE LINK]. As a disclaimer, jarret921 sent me this lightsaber blade plug for free to review, thank you very much for that. This is a cool looking blade plug.

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The Crystal Chamber Blade Plug is a 1 inch diameter blade plug made from Ultrasabers stock. The blade plug works with lightsaber hilts with a socket depth between 2 to 2.5 inches. You could use the blade plug with a shallower socket depth, if you choose to position most of the blade plug length outside of the hilt socket, as shown in the review.

The blade plug is compatible with Ultrasabers and may work with other lightsaber companies as well. I was having some difficulty attaching the blade plug to my Saberforge hilt and I could somewhat attach the blade plug to my Kyberlight saber, but you may want to contact jarret921 to make sure your lightsaber hilt is compatible.

One of the neat qualities of the Crystal Chamber Blade Plug is the crystal is actually a genuine piece of natural quartz, which adds some realism to the blade plug. Jarret921 also recommends using the Crystal Chamber Blade Plug with lightsaber hilts using windows in the emitter. I don’t have a saber with windows in the emitter on hand right now, but the blade plug still looks cool when it’s attached so that most of it’s coming out of the saber hilt.

The version of the Crystal Chamber Blade Plug that I received is a clear crystal that takes on the color of LED you attach the blade plug to. Jarret921 also sells Crystal Chamber Blade Plugs with colored crystals (i.e. green, pink, etc). If you’re considering selecting one of the colored crystals, you’ll want to try to match the color of the crystal to your LED color.

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