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What is a blade socket? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber blade socket is the non-visible space inside a lightsaber emitter section where the blade or blade plug attaches to the hilt. Blade socket depth may affect the visible blade length and the blade tang (stem) and blade plug length requirements for a lightsaber hilt.

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Lightsaber Blade Socket Depth
Blade socket depth is the measurement of the distance between the top of the hilt’s LED module (or neopixel connector) and the bottom of the emitter section. In the case of slanted emitter, the blade socket depth is the distance between the LED module (or neopixel connector) and the bottom or low end of the slant.

Blade socket depth varies from hilt to hilt and company to company, although blade socket depth commonly ranges from 1 inch up to around 3 inches or 4 inches. A lightsabers with vertical windows in the emitter may feature a deep blade socket depth. A thin neck lightsaber (e.g. Luke ROTJ lightsaber) may have a shallow blade socket depth of 1 inch or less.

Effects of Blade Socket Depth on Blade Stability and Balance
A deeper blade socket allows the blade to seat deeper in the hilt, which helps stabilize the blade inside the hilt. Generally, a blade socket depth of at least 1.5 inches adequately stabilizes the blade for dueling. A deeper socket depth also moves the lightsaber’s center of balance farther into the hilt, increasing control.

Effects of Blade Socket Depth on Visible Blade Length
The blade socket depth of the lightsaber hilt may change the length of the visible exterior section of the lightsaber blade. For example, if you attach a 24 inch blade to a hilt with a 1 inch blade socket depth, then the visible portion of the blade will be 23 inches. If you attach a 24 inch blade to hilt with a 4 inch blade socket depth, then the visible portion of the blade will be only 20 inches.

Socket Depth and Blade Plug and Blade Tang Selection
A lightsaber with a deep blade socket may require a longer blade plug or blade tang. A lightsaber blade plug or blade tang must be at least long enough to make contact with the blade retention screw(s), which secure the blade to the hilt. Additionally, a blade plug or blade tang should be long enough to reach the bottom of windows in the emitter (if applicable). For example, Ultrasabers Grand Master requires a longer blade plug because the hilt has a blade socket depth of around 3 inches and uses 2 inch long windows in the emitter.

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