What is a blade socket? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber blade socket

A lightsaber blade socket is the non-visible space inside a lightsaber emitter section where the blade or blade plug attaches to the hilt. Blade socket depth may affect the visible blade length and the blade tang (stem) and blade plug length requirements for a lightsaber hilt. Lightsaber Blade Socket DepthBlade socket depth is the measurement of … Read more

How to PREVENT a Stuck Lightsaber Blade Plug

lightsaber blade plugs

If you’ve ever experienced a lightsaber blade plug getting stuck in your hilt’s blade socket, you know it’s a frustrating problem. Even worse, while attempting to remove the stuck blade plug you could accidentally damage the blade plug and lightsaber hilt in the process. Prevention is always better than troubleshooting after the fact, so let’s … Read more