Stuck Blade Plug Problem: 6 Easy Removal Ideas for Lightsaber Enthusiasts | Troubleshooting 101

stuck blade plug

Stuck blade plug? You’re not alone. Getting a blade plug stuck inside a lightsaber hilt is a frustratingly common problem among custom lightsaber enthusiasts. Here are six possible ways to remove a stuck blade plug. CAUTION, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Unfortunately, all methods for removing a stuck blade plug risk damaging the blade plug … Read more

How to PREVENT a Stuck Lightsaber Blade Plug

lightsaber blade plugs

If you’ve ever experienced a lightsaber blade plug getting stuck in your hilt’s blade socket, you know it’s a frustrating problem. Even worse, while attempting to remove the stuck blade plug you could accidentally damage the blade plug and lightsaber hilt in the process. Prevention is always better than troubleshooting after the fact, so let’s … Read more

Are Ultrasabers lightsaber blades and blade plugs compatible with other custom sabers companies?

Ultrasabers lightsaber blade plug

In theory, Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs should work with ANY lightsaber hilt designed for a 1 inch diameter blade. Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs are listed as measuring 1 inch in diameter, after all. In reality, some Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs don’t fit due to a slight variation in diameter. Ultrasabers quality control … Read more