Stuck Blade Plug Problem: 6 Easy Removal Ideas for Lightsaber Enthusiasts (Troubleshooting 101)

Stuck blade plug? You’re not alone. Getting a blade plug stuck inside a lightsaber hilt is a frustratingly common problem among custom lightsaber enthusiasts. Here are six possible ways to remove a stuck blade plug.

CAUTION, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Unfortunately, all methods for removing a stuck blade plug risk damaging the blade plug and/or the the lightsaber hilt. Before attempting any blade plug removal methods, make sure you remove the blade retention screw from the hilt entirely. Also, always use proper safety equipment (e.g. gloves, safety glasses, etc.).

1. Long Stick Method

This method may damage the electronics in your lightsaber hilt. If the lightsaber is an empty hilt or configured in as a basic stunt saber, you may be able to slide a stick, chopstick or pen up the pommel end. First, remove the pommel and battery pack from the hilt. Then slide the stick up the open end until the stick hits the bottom of the heat sink. Be careful not to harm wiring or any of the electronics with the stick. Gently push the heat sink up with the stick, which should push the stuck blade plug out.

2. Prying from the Side Method

This method will scratch or damage the side of the blade plug. Remove the blade retention screw from the hilt. Insert a small screw driver (or safety pin, thumbtack, paperclip etc.) into the blade retention screw hole and jimmy the blade plug up little by little. Pull the stuck blade plug out of the hilt using your fingers or using pliers. The prying method could also be applied through windows in the emitter (if applicable).

3. Dab of Oil Method

This method may damage the lightsaber. Use the oil sparingly and DO NOT combine the Dab of Oil method with any method involving heat (oil is flammable!). Apply a minuscule amount of oil or lubricant spray (e.g. WD-40) to the edge of the blade plug. Pull the stuck blade plug out, or pry the stuck blade plug out as described in the “Prying from the Side Method”.

4. Drill Method

This method will damage the top of the stuck blade plug. Drill one hole in the top of the blade plug. Pull the stuck blade plug out of the hilt, like would remove the cork from a wine bottle. Alternatively, drill two holes in the top of the stuck blade plug, grip the two holes with pliers, and pull the stuck blade plug out.

5. Hot Glue Method

The hot glue method will damage the stuck blade plug. First, apply hot glue to the top of he blade plug. Attach something to the hot glue (e.g. a pen, stick, etc), let the glue set, then pull the object and the stuck blade plug out of the hilt.

6. Cold and Hot Method

Freezing and heating the hilt may damage the lightsaber electronics and blade plug. Place the hilt in the freezer for a few minutes. Attempt to remove the blade plug. If the blade plug is still stuck, heat the emitter section with a warm towel or a hair dryer. The blade plug may expand enough so that you can remove the stuck blade plug from the lightsaber hilt.

How to Prevent a Stuck Blade Plug

NEVER force a blade plug into a lightsaber hilt. You can also minimize your chances of getting a stuck blade plug by sanding down the blade plug before installing it in the hilt.

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