List of CUSTOM Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber Parts

custom Savi's Workshop parts

Got a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge? Here’s a list of some CUSTOM, fan made Savi’s Workshop compatible parts and accessories. The list includes custom ‘scrap metal’ parts, custom stands, custom kyber crystals and more! The parts are fan made and not licensed by Disney.

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UPDATED 8/29/2022

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Etsy custom sabers, stands, accessories
Entertainment Earth Force FX Elite Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber
Amazon Hasbro Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber

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Custom Lightsaber Parts

ADGBass9 (Etsy) United States custom ‘scrap metal’ pieces and digital files
DeadBothansSociety (Etsy) United States custom blade PCB and connector housing
renev.forge (eBay) United States compatible coupler, custom ‘scrap metal’ pieces
vesa-tile (eBay) United Kingdom compatible coupler, custom ‘scrap metal’ (some made from resin) STORE CLOSED
VulcansForgeUS (Etsy) United States custom 3D printed ‘scrap metal’ pieces

custom vesa-tile ‘scrap metal’ pieces | IMAGE CREDIT vesa-tile

Custom Kyber Crystals

aztinytoys (eBay) United States custom RFID kyber crystals CLOSED
JaymoosPlayground (Etsy) United States custom RFID kyber crystals
jandno (Etsy) United States custom RFID kyber crystals (orange, teal, glow in the dark, etc.)
various sellers (eBay) custom BLACK kyber crystal

custom jandno glow in the dark kyber crystals (left) and custom JaymoosPlayground kyber crystals (right) IMAGE CREDIT jandno (left) and JaymoosPlayground (right)

Custom Accessories

CGSProps (Etsy) United States blade carrier (sling), kyber crystal name tag
DeadBothansSociety (Etsy) United States kyber crystal holder for molle or belt

custom CGSProps kyber crystal name tag (left) and custom CGSProps blade carrier (right) | IMAGE CREDIT CGSProps

Custom Display Options

Acquired Artifacts (Etsy) United States custom Savi’s Workshop lightsaber stand, kyber crystal holder
Quest Design Canada (Etsy) Canada custom Savi’s Workshop name plates
Red Five Customs (Etsy) United States custom Savi’s Workshop lightsaber stand
Rocky Mount 3D Print (Etsy) United States custom Savi’s Workshop lightsaber stand
Yogibear06 (Etsy) United States custom custom kyber crystal storage unit
ZucatiCorps (Etsy) United States custom wooden Savi’s Workshop lightsaber stand, kyber crystal holder (box)

Acquired Artifacts custom Savi’s Workshop lightsaber stand with kyber crystal holder | IMAGE CREDIT Acquired Artifacts


PewPewLasercraft (Etsy) United States custom wooden Engraved Aurebesh to English Translator plate

PewPewLasercraft custom wooden engraved aurebesh to english translator plate | IMAGE CREDIT PewPewLasercraft

Renevforge coupler (left), Yogibear06 kyber cyrstal storage unit (middle), vesa-tile stormtrooper skull pommel (upper right), jandno glow in the dark kyber crystals (lower right)

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