Common Lightsaber Sales by Company

This article describes common lightsaber sales, by custom saber company, based on their past sales, discounts, promotions and coupon codes. Companies can change or discontinue their types of sales and discounts at any time, so this list is meant as a guideline only and there’s no guarantee any given site will host similar sales again in the future.

DISCLAIMER: This list contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a referral fee if you click through and purchase an item.

Amazon has substantially discounted officially licensed lightsabers from the Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsaber line around the time of May 4th (Star Wars Day). Amazon has also discounted Force FX lightsabers during the holiday season in the Fall and the Winter.

Amazon prices on lightsabers, and other items, fluctuate frequently throughout the year so it’s worth checking the price on the site at ANY time to see how well the lightsabers are discounted.
Rey (Jedi Training Force FX Lightsaber on Amazon
Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber on Amazon
Luke Skywalker (Green Blade) Force FX Lightsaber on Amazon
Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber on Amazon

The Custom Saber Shop typically only holds sales a few times a year: on May 4th (Star Wars Day) and around the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November. The discount is typically 10-15% off storewide. The Custom Saber Shop also held an extremely rare 20% off sale on June 28, 2018.

KORBANTH United States
Korbanth lightsabers are almost always listed as being discounted by 20% off or more (e.g. the list price for a K4 Saber Kit is $285.00, but the hilt is seemingly perpetually discounted to $225.00). In 2017, Korbanth offered a special Saber 3 Pack for $450 and the company also discounted the Graflex 2.0 down to $160. In summer of 2018, Korbanth brought the Saber 3 Pack back.

KYBERLIGHT United States
Kyberlight is almost always having a sale. Kyberlight often hosts store-wide sales between 10% and 20% off. Kyberlight will also sometimes offer free accessories and free shipping for spending a certain amount of money. Kyberlight has also held BOGO sales–buy one accessory, get one for 50% off.

Sabertrio very rarely discounts their products. On May 4th, 2018 (Star Wars Day), Sabertrio discounted Vahlken FX to $279 (Reg. $299) and Vahlken Stunt to $135 (Reg. $145). Sabertrio also held a 10% off storewide sale for Hari Merdeka (Malaysian Independence Day) in 2017.

Ultrasabers almost always hosts a sale, except when the company is backlogged due to the holiday season or a new Star Wars movie release.

Splash Page Sale
Splash Page Sales are emailed to Ultrasabers customers and also listed on the Ultrasabers splash page. Common examples of splash page sales include:
~ 10% off all sabers (excludes Mystery Box Sabers and empty hilts)
~ 15% off all sound sabers (excludes Mystery Box Sabers)
~ raffle entry with purchase of a certain dollar amount (must be Saberforum member to enter raffle; raffle entry sometimes is paired with a sale)
~ Ultrasabers sometimes offers freebie items for spending a certain amount of money. Common freebie items: free shipping, free blade plug, free stand, free Ergo Ultra Spinner (?!), free or discounted upgrades (e.g. charger, Flash on Clash), free Initiate saber, free Grab Bag Saber, free Mystery Box Saber.

Deal of the Day

The Deal of the Day is a dollar amount discount on one lightsaber hilt style. The Deal of the Day is posted in the Deal of the Day section on the Ultrasabers website and expires within a few days. Deal of the Day can be combined with a splash page sale.

Flash Sale

Flash Sales are sales for 10% to 25% off one specific lightsaber hilt model. Flash Sales can SOMETIMES be combined with splash page sales, and other times they cannot. Ultrasabers notifies users of Flash Sales via email and through SaberForum. Flash Sales end after 25 people have used the coupon code for the sale during checkout.

Vader’s Vault has not had a sale or discounted their products in over a year, likely due to the strong demand for their lightsabers.

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