List of Lightsaber Types | Star Wars Canon, Star Wars Legends and Beyond

Lightsabers come in a surprising number of shapes, sizes and variations. From the standard, singled-bladed lightsaber with a straight hilt to more obscure designs like the Inquisitor lightsaber, split saber, lightwhip or cane lightsaber, let’s take a look at all of the lightsaber types in Star Wars Canon, Star Wars Legends, and beyond.

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Star Wars Canon Lightsaber Variations

standard lightsaber (single-bladed lightsaber with a straight hilt)
cane lightsaber (or sabercane)
contained energy axe (or lightsaber axe)
crossguard lightsaber
curved-hilt lightsaber
Darksaber (black-bladed lightsaber)
dual-phase lightsaber
double-bladed lightsaber (or saberstaff)
double-bladed lightsaber pike
hinged double-bladed lightsaber (or collapsible-hilt lightsaber)
Inquisitor lightsaber (or doubled-bladed spinning lightsaber)
split saber (or interlocking hilt lightsaber)
great lightsaber (or lightclub)
Kyber Saber (first lightsaber)
lightsaber hybrid
lightsaber blaster
lightsaber rifle
lightsaber pike
lightsaber shoto
sickle-bladed lightsaber
Sith lightsaber
training lightsaber

IMAGE crossguard lightsaber (top left), Inquisitor lightsaber (top right), lightsaber pike (bottom left) and training lightsaber (bottom right)

Star Wars Legends Lightsaber Variations

crossguard lightsaber
forked lightsaber
• vented dualsaber
Forcesaber (similar to a lightsaber)
guard shoto (or lightsaber tonfa)
Imperial Knight lightsaber
lightsaber baton
lightsaber cutlass
lightsaber gauntlet
lightwhip (or energy whip or laser whip)
long-handle lightsaber
protosaber (archaic lightsaber)
Soulsaber (similar to a lightsaber)


IMAGE Force-users wield protosabers

Custom Lightsaber Variations

These are custom lightsaber variations developed by fans and custom saber companies.

claymore lightsaber (crossguard variant)
lightsaber dagger
katana lightsaber
lightsaber nunchucks
lightsaber trident
rapier lightsaber (similar to a lightfoil)
flat lightsaber blades (various historical sword shapes)


IMAGE A 3D rendering of the custom Saberforge Rapier Lightsaber (Image Credit: Saberforge)


lightsaber trophy
octo-bladed lightsaber (eight-bladed lightsaber)
off-hand lightsaber
stormtrooper lightsaber


IMAGE LEGO Darth Maul wields an eight-bladed lightsaber in LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out (2013)

Cover image depicts Dark Side Rey lightsaber (left) and Ezra Bridger lightsaber blaster (right)