List of High Republic Lightsabers

High Republic lightsabers

Here is a list of High Republic lightsabers matched to the Jedi the wields each saber. Lucasfilm Publishing has internally referred to Jedi of the High Republic era as ‘the Jedi Knights of the Round Table’ with each individual lightsaber being a Jedi’s own version of Excalibur.

The list is frequently expanded. For a list of lightsabers from ALL Star Wars eras, visit the Personal Lightsabers page.

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LIST UPDATED 10/8/2021 [24/41]

Adampo lightsaber
Burryaga Agaburry lightsaber (crossguard saber)
Arkoff lightsaber
Te’Ami lightsaber (no lightsaber image)
Torban Buck lightsaber
Imri Cantaros lightsaber
Emerick Caphtor lightsaber
Ada-Li Carro lightsaber
Ceret lightsaber
Porter Engle lightsaber
Farzala lightsaber
Stellan Gios lightsaber (folding crossguard saber)
Lahru lightsaber
Loden Greatstorm lightsaber
Ram Jomaram lightsaber
Orla Jareni lightsaber (hinged double-bladed lightsaber)
Rana Kant lightsaber
Darth Krall lightsaber (appears in visions to Keeve Trennis)
Jora Malli lightsaber (no lightsaber image)
Elzar Mann lightsaber
Keaton Murag lightsaber
Qort lightsaber
Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh lightsaber
Teri Rosason lightsaber
Dez Rydan lightsaber (no lightsaber image)
Sean lightsaber
Reath Silas lightsaber
Ry Ki Sakka lightsaber
Sskeer lightsaber
Indeera Stokes lightsaber
Ady Sun’Zee lightsaber
Mikkel Sutmani lightsaber (crossguard saber)
Kantam Sy lightsaber (katana saber)
Lula Talisola lightsaber
Lily Tora-Asi lightsabers (katana sabers)
Klias Teradine lightsaber (no lightsaber image)
Terec lightsaber
Keeve Trennis lightsaber
Pra-Tre Veter lightsaber
Yoda lightsaber
Ty Yorrick lightsaber (clawed emitter)
Bell Zettifar lightsaber

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High Republic lightsabers

Image depicts a group of High Republic Jedi and their lightsabers

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