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The Darth Krall lightsaber is a single-bladed red lightsaber wielded by Darth Krall. Originally known as Radaki, Darth Krall is an Old Republic era male Sith Lord. He is part of the Lost Twenty, a group of Jedi Masters throughout history who forsake allegiance to the Jedi Order.

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Darth Krall lightsaber
The Darth Krall lightsaber appears on a variant cover of the comic book Star Wars The High Republic 7 (2021) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Marvel

Darth Krall Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The Darth Krall lightaber is comprised of a metal with a slanted emitter an opulent gold finish. The single-bladed Sith lightsaber emits a red blade.

Jedi Master Radaki serves the Jedi Order. He eventually becomes disillusioned with the Order and seduced by the dark of the Force due to his belief that Jedi should be able to maintain relationships with their family and retain wealth. After falling to the dark side, Radaki takes on the name Darth Krall.

During the fall of the Old Republic, Krall fights in the Battle of the Wasted Years. Krall and the Sith win the battle. The Sith Lord also tames the Nightmare Conjunction.

The Darth Krall lightsaber eventually joins the Bogan Collection at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Bogan Collection, which contains an assortment of forbidden dark side artifacts, is stored in a hidden vault in the Jedi Archives.

During the High Republic era, Darth Krall and his red lightsaber appear in visions to Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis. Trennis experiences the visions after connecting to the root mind of a Drengir, a sentient, plant-like species.

Behind the Scenes

Darth Krall is first mentioned in the audio book Dooku: Jedi Lost (2019). Krall and his red-bladed lightsaber first appear on a variant cover and in vision sequences in the comic book Star Wars The High Republic 7 (2021).

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