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The Ultrasabers Scorpion lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is an original design borrowing multiple design elements from several popular lightsabers. Scorpion is available in two different two-toned finishes: standard Scorpion (black and silver) or Crimson Scorpion (red and silver). The hilt may be purchased with or without the claw as well.

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Ultrasabers Scorpion lightsaber
Ultrasabers Scorpion lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Ultrasabers

Scorpion is about 14.5 inches long from the pommel to emitter (or 19.5 inches long, including the claw) and is about 1.5 inches in diameter. The hilt accommodates a 1 inch diameter blade.

One of the most eye-catching sections of Scorpion is the emitter section. A flanged emitter, featuring a series of vertical windows, flares out of the top of the hilt. A single curved claw, similar to the claw on the Count Dooku lightsaber, ominously extends out of the emitter section as well. A series of small circular cutouts extend down the spine of the claw.  The hilt features three horizontal windows just below the emitter section. The hilt narrows slightly at the grooved neck section, which may serve as a convenient choke point.

The shrouded body of the hilt has three cutout sections: one circular cutout around the activation switch on the front face of the hilt, and two long stadium-shaped cutouts, one on each each side of the hilt. The cutouts expose an angled grid pattern beneath the shroud. The grip section in the lower half of the hilt boasts four extruded rings. A Covertec wheel, which is included, is situated in the lower section of the hilt. Finally, a door knob style vented pommel, similar in design to the Obi-Wan Kenobi TPM/AOTC lightsaber pommel, completes the look of the hilt. The pommel is comprised of three pieces including a neck, a cube ring (or ‘pyramid’ ring, in this case), and a base.

Based in the United States, Ultrasabers is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

Ultrasabers https://ultrasabers.com

Image depicts Ultrasabers Scorpion

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