List of Lightsaber Tutorials (DIY)

This list of DIY lightsaber tutorials includes tutorials ranging from entire lightsaber builds to mods and customizations like leather wrap, etching, shrouds, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Follow the tutorials at your own risk. Always use proper safety equipment and procedures. Children under 18 should be supervised by an adult.

LIST UPDATED 2/17/2021

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Lightsaber Electronics Install Tutorials

Stunt Saber Build Tutorials
[YOUTUBE] DIY Tutorial: How To Build A Basic Custom KRS Kit Stunt Lightsaber by KR Sabers
[YOUTUBE] DIY Tutorial: How To Build A Basic Stunt Lightsaber Using A Momentary Switch by KR Sabers

Sound Saber Build Tutorials
[YOUTUBE] Basic Saber with Sound STYLE 2 by The Custom Saber Shop
[YOUTUBE] Building a basic saber with sound PART 1 and PART 2 by The Custom Saber Shop
[YOUTUBE] Lightsaber Build Tutorial with SaberCore 2.0 Soundboard for New Saber Builders by Blue Force Sabers

Neopixel Lightsaber Build Tutorials
[YOUTUBE] How To Build An LED Strip NeoPixel FX Lightsaber Using KR Sabers Verso v1.0 Soundboard by KR Sabers
[YOUTUBE] How To: Make a Custom Lightsaber NeoPixel/LED Strip Blade For Nano Biscotte v4.0 Soundboard by KR Sabers
[YOUTUBE] Plecter Pixel Blade Construction by The Custom Saber Shop

Lightsaber Mods/Customizations Tutorials

Lightsaber Etching Tutorials
[ARTICLE] ARKM’s Saltwater Etching Tutorial (Stencil Method) by ARKM
[YOUTUBE] How to: Lightsaber Acid Etching Tutorial by KR Sabers

Lightsaber Weathering Tutorials
[YOUTUBE] Weathering Your Saber by The Custom Saber Shop
[YOUTUBE] Weathering a lightsaber by Solo’s Hold
[YOUTUBE] HOW TO Dry Brush Painting & Weathering for Props & Cosplay by Punished Props Academy
[YOUTUBE] Painting and Weathering a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Box by Barker’s Trains
[ARTICLE] Weathering Tutorial with Olive Oil (Rusty Look) by eastern57

Lightsaber Wrap Tutorials
Leather Wrap
[YOUTUBE] DIY Tutorial: How to apply a leather wrap to your lightsaber by KR Sabers
[ARTICLE] How to Apply a Leather Wrap to Your Lightsaber Hilt | DIY Lightsaber Tutorial by KR Sabers
[YOUTUBE] Leather Wrapping a lightsaber by Solo’s Hold
[ARTICLE] Tutorial: Leather Wrap by Arryck Corso
Other Wrap
[YOUTUBE] Tsuka-Maki. Basic ito wrapping tutorial by jobiwankanobi
[YOUTUBE] West country whipping- an easy paracord wrap by Paracord guild

Misc Lightsaber Mods/Customizations
[YOUTUBE] Lightsaber Blade Diffusion: Tutorial by Darth Cephalus
[ARTICLE] Anodizing tutorial (NaHSO4 version) by Remulos
[ARTICLE] Painting and Baking Paint on Aluminum Parts by equinox13
[YOUTUBE] How to make a shroud for lightsaber by ACLightsabers by ACLightsabers
[YOUTUBE] Shroud Work by The Custom Saber Shop
[ARTICLE] Easy DIY Faux Bone Tutorial by Larzachard

Lightsaber Care and Maintenance Tutorials

[ARTICLE] Lightsaber Battery Maintenance Tips: What You Should Know by ACLightsabers
[YOUTUBE] Scratch repair by The Custom Saber Shop

Lightsaber Spinning and Flow Tutorials

Darth Cephalus (YouTube channel)
Matt Pasquinilli (YouTube channel)
Michelle Christa Smith (YouTube channel)
Rogue Saber Academy (YouTube channel)
Saberproject (YouTube channel)

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