List of Lightsaber Soundboard and Controller Sellers

Here’s a list of lightsaber soundboard and controller sellers for DIY projects. This list is incomplete and intended for reference only. Always thoroughly research a company and its products before making a purchase. Check back frequently for updates to the list. Please contact me with any additions or corrections to the list.
Updated: 11/5/2018

DISCLAIMER: This list contains some affiliate links, meaning I will get some money if you purchase something through the link. Affiliate referrals help support the SaberSourcing YouTube channel and website.

ACLightsabers (Etsy) Malaysia
ACL Economy soundcards for lightsabers

Argentum Sabers (Etsy)
Argentum Sabers Plug and Play Electronics Kit (with Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4)
LED-Module with lens and LED-color of your choice, 12mm AV-Switch, soundboard Assembly: 18650 lithium-ion battery with recharge port, Nano Biscotte v4 soundboard with sd-card and 3 soundfonts (mute-on-the-go), 2W premium speaker in housing, custom chassis

Artekit Labs Italy
Artekit PropBoard

The Custom Saber Shop United States
Plecter Labs Crystal Focus Sound Module V9
Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4
Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4 (Pre-Wired)
Plecter Labs Pico Crumble V2 Light Version
Plecter Labs Pico Crumble V2 Dark Version

Elegant Weapons France
Plecter Labs Crystal Focus Saber Core V9
Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4
Plecter Labs Pico Crumble V2.0 (Darkside)
Plecter Labs Pico Crumble V2.0 (Lightside)
Plecter Labs PRIZM V5.5

JQ SABERS United Kingdom
7 Chambers Spectra V2 Blade Controller (NO SOUND) (out of stock, possibly discontinued)
Blade LED controller with ramping, blade shimmer, Flash on Clash and Lock up effects (NO SOUND)
Artekit PropBoard
Plecter Labs Crystal Focus Saber Core V9
Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4
Plecter Labs Pico Crumble 2.0 Darkside
Plecter Labs Pico Crumber 2.0 Lightside
Plecter Labs PRIZM 5.1

KORBANTH United States
Proffieboard (open source lightsaber soundboard)

KYBERLIGHT United States
Kyberlight Circuit Board V3 with Dual Sound Fonts
Kyberlight Circuit Board V4 with Dual Sound Fonts

OUTER RIM SABERS (Etsy) United States
Outer Rim Sabers Tier3 Electronics Kit (YDD)
Kit includes: YDDSABERS 2.5 Soundboard, 3w LED w/ quick connects, 800mah Lithium Rechargeable Battery Pack, 12mm momentary switch (silver or black switch will be used),23mm 8ohm Speaker, 25.1mm x 30.5mm in length LED module, chassis (2 size options)

Ultimate Works Asteria soundboard V1.5 (PLUG N PLAY / Asteria Heart)

Plecter Labs store (bulk quantities only)
Plecter Labs makes: Nano Biscotte, Crystal Focus, PRIZM, Pico Crumble and other popular lightsaber soundboards. Plecter Labs only sells bulk quantities (50+) of their soundboards. For single and smaller quantities, see official Plecter Labs distributors: The Custom Saber Shop, JQ Sabers and Elegant Weapons.

NEC Ignitor 3
NEC Spark Ignitor Color 2
NEC Spark Ignitor Color 3
Proffieboard (open source soundboard)
WarSabers CerbeRUS Core V1 Soundboard

SABERFORGE United States
Saberforge Soundboard Champion SaberCore 3.0
Saberforge Soundboard Hero Spark 2
Saberforge Soundboards Veteran SaberCore 2.5

SABERFORGE (Etsy) United States
Plug and Play Veteran SaberCore 2.5 USA
Plug-and-Play Champion SaberCore 3.0

Naigon’s Electronic Creations (NEC)
NEC Ignitor 3
NEC Spark 3
NEC Spark Color 3

Golden Harvest Soundboard

Ultrasabers Obsidian Soundboard

WarSabers Soundboard CerbeRUS Core V1
WarSabers Soundboard CerbeRUS NeoCore V1 (Neopixel compatible)
WarSabers RGB Chameleon V1.0 (NO SOUND)
Description: Includes 13 colors, Flash on Clash, blade flicker