List of Personal Lightsabers

various lightsabers

Here is a list of personal lightsabers matched to the Star Wars character that wields each saber. The list, which is frequently expanded, contains lightsabers from both Star Wars Canon and from Star Wars Legends.

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various lightsabers
Lightsabers from various Star Wars movies | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

LIST UPDATED 8/7/2022 [~266/380]
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Darth Acharon lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Empress Acina lightsaber (double-bladed lightsaber)
Burryaga Agaburry lightsaber (High Republic crossguard lightsaber)
Akar-Deshu lightsaber (no official photos/images)
Allara lightsaber (taken from General Grievous)
Stass Allie lightsaber
Amon lightsaber (ancient lightsaber)
Darth Andeddu lightsaber
Darth Angral lightsaber
Arcann lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Ashla lightsaber (youngling lightsaber)
Darsha Assant lightsaber
Darth Atrius crossguard lightsabers
Darth Atroxa lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Tavion Axmis lightsaber (Dark Jedi lightsaber)
Darth Azard lightsaber (One Sith lightsaber)

Bane’s Heart (Lightsaber)
Darth Bane lightsaber
Darth Bandon lightsaber (double bladed)
Darth Baras lightsaber
Ferren Barr lightsaber
Daakman Barrek lightsaber
Kav Bayons lightsaber
Soon Bayts lightsaber
Lana Beniko lightsaber
Berusal lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Kelleran Beq lightsaber
Depa Billaba lightsaber
Jolee Bindo lightsaber
Jar Jar Binks lightsaber (see Laan Tik lightsaber)
Black Bishops lightsword (see Lord Covax lightsaber)
Blade of Rur (lightsaber)
Boba Fett lightsaber
Boc lightsaber
Bokar lightsaber (One Sith lightsaber)
Anoon Bondara lightsaber
Brakiss lightsaber
Ezra Bridger lightsaber
• Ezra Bridger lightsaber blaster (first lightsaber)
• Ezra Bridger lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Maris Brood guard shoto lightsabers
Empatojayos Brand lightsaber
Sora Bulq lightsaber

Joruus C’baoth lightsaber
Darth Caedus lightsaber
Cal lightsaber
Darth Caldoth lightsaber
Callef lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber, Dark Jedi lightsaber)
Lord Calypho lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Imri Cantaros lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Emerick Caphtor lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Zayne Carrick lightsaber
• Zayne Carrick lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Zayne Carrick lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Kira Carsen lightsaber
Ceret lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Namman Cha lightsabers (pair of two lightsabers)
Kiel Charny lightsaber
Chian lightsaber
Olana Chion lightsaber
Darth Chratis lightsaber (long-handled lightsaber)
Eno Cordova lightsaber
Roron Corobb lightsaber
Lord Covax lightsaber (ancient crossguard lightsaber)
Shoaneb Culu lightsaber

Kao Cen Darach lightsaber
Artel Darc lightsaber
Roblio Darté lightsaber (forked lightsaber/crossguard lightsaber)
Demtri lightsaber (Dark Jedi lightsaber)
Darth Desolous lightsaber
Ima-Gun Di lightsaber
Prosset Dibs lightsaber
Orgus Din lightsaber
Tenel Ka Djo lightsaber
T’chooka D’oon lightsaber
Count Dooku lightsaber
Count Dooku lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Count Dooku curved hilt lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Markus Dorivonn lightsaber
Lucien Draay lightsaber
Cin Drallig lightsaber
Ur-Sema Du lightsaber
Sayar Dun’La lightsaber
Kyp Durron lightsaber

Eighth Brother lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
Zez-Kai Ell lightsaber
Ord Enisence lightsaber
Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy lightsaber
Finn Ertay lightsaber
Lumas Etima lightsaber

Lord Fanoste lightsaber
Boba Fett lightsaber
Sirch Fi-Ek lightsaber
Fifth Brother lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
First Blade
Kit Fisto lightsaber
Kit Fisto lightsaber
Nahdar Vebb lightsaber (recovered from General Grievous)
Fourth Sister lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
Rowan Freemaker lightsaber

Melik Galerha lightsaber
Anja Gallandro lightsaber (ancient lightsaber, basket-shaped handguard)
Adi Gallia lightsaber
Adi Gallia lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Adi Gallia lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Klin-Fa Gi lightsaber
Micah Giiett lightsabers (pair of two lightsabers)
Stellan Gios lightsaber (High Republic lightsabers)
Stellan Gios lightsaber (folding crossguard lightsaber)
Rana Kant lightsaber
Tarados Gon lightsaber
General Grievous lightsaber collection
Allara lightsabers (briefly taken from Grievous)
Daakman Barrek lightsaber
Soon Bayts lightsaber
Roron Corrob lightsaber
T’chooka D’oon lightsaber
Ur-Sema Du lightsaber
Sha’a Gi lightsaber
Jmmaar lightsaber
Pablo-Jill lightsaber
Eeth Koth lightsaber
Neebo lightsaber
Foul Moudama lightsaber
Quarmall lightsaber
Tarr Seirr lightsaber
Shaak Ti lightsaber
Nahdar Vebb lightsaber (recovered by Kit Fisto)
Sha’a Gi lightsaber
Gira lightsaber
Glaive lightsaber
Greelwood saber (lightsaber)
Gungi lightsaber

Kina Ha lightsaber
Keiran Halcyon lightsaber
Halsey lightsaber
Hennix lightsaber
Sharad Hett lightsaber
Darth Hexid lightsaber (double-bladed, SWTOR lightsaber)
Hira lightsaber
Kerra Holt lightsaber
Tulak Hord lightsaber
Corran Horn lightsaber
Ri-Lee Howell lightsaber (ancient Jedi)
Kai Huddora lightsaber
Huulik lightsaber

Rann I-Kanu lightsaber
Iguni lightsaber (Clone Wars Padawan lightsaber)
Imperial Knight lightsaber
Tau Idair lightsaber (curved guard lightsaber)
Kirak Infil’a curved-hilt lightsaber
Inquisitor lightsabers
• The Grand Inquisitor lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
• Second Sister lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
• Fourth Sister lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
Fifth Brother lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
• Sixth Brother lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
• Seventh Sister lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
Eighth Brother lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
• Ninth Sister lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
Tenth Brother lightsabers (pair of shoto lightsabers)

J-3DI lightsaber (droid lightsaber)
J’Mikel lightsaber
Mara Jade lightsaber
• Mara Jade lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Skywalker lightsaber (second lightsaber)
• Mara Jade lightsaber (third lightsaber)
Darth Jadus lightsaber
Jak’zin lightsaber
Shela Jalahafi lightsaber (dark side adept)
Teles Jalahafi lightsaber (dark side adept)
Orla Jareni lightsaber (High Republic hinged double-bladed lightsaber)
Kanan Jarrus lightsaber
Sian Jeisel lightsaber
Sarrissa Jeng lightsaber
Jerec lightsaber
Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber
Jinsu Razor (lightsaber)
Lorena Jinzler lightsaber
Jmmaar lightsaber
Ram Jomaram lightsaber (High Republic)
Juhani lightsaber
Judd lightsaber (lightsaber pike)
Zett Jukassa lightsaber
Bruu Jun-Fan lightsaber
Cere Junda lightsaber
Kai Justiss lightsaber

K’Kruhk lightsaber
Lord Skere Kaan lightsaber
Katooni lightsaber (Jedi youngling)
Eldra Kaitis lightsaber
Reess Kairn lightsaber (rogue Jedi)
Kallig lightsaber
Rana Kant lightsaber (High Republic)
Kith Kark lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Nomen Karr (SWTOR lightsaber)
Volfe Karrko lightsaber
Kyle Katarn lightsaber
Qu Rahn lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Yun lightsaber (second lightsaber)
• Kyle Katarn lightsaber (third lightsaber)

Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber
• Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber (second lightsaber)
• Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber (third lightsaber)

Cal Kestis lightsaber
• Cal Kestis lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Jaro Tapal lightsaber (second lightsaber)

Cere Junda lightsaber (salvaged for parts)
• Cal Kestis lightsaber (third lightsaber)

Gavar Khai lightsaber
Ki-Adi-Mundi lightsaber
Ronhar Kim lightsaber
Knox lightsaber

Agen Kolar lightsaber
Plo Koon lightsaber
Plo Koon lightsaber
Plo Koon lightsaber gauntlet (concept art only)
Sha Koon lightsaber
Kopecz lightsaber
Jaden Korr lightsaber
• Jaden Korr lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Jaden Korr lightsaber (second lightsaber)
• Jaden Korr lightsaber (third lightsaber)

Rahm Kota lightsaber
Eeth Koth lightsaber
Darth Krayt lightsaber
Kreel lightsaber
Pong Krell lightsabers (hinged double-bladed lightsabers)
Hallan Krintu lightsaber
Darth Kruhl lightsaber
Bo-Katan Kryze lightsaber (see Darksaber)
Exar Kun lightsaber (single-bladed then double-bladed)
An’ya Kuro lightsaber
Kyrisa lightsaber

Sar Labooda lightsaber
Darth Lachris lightsaber
Yigan Lam lightsaber
Lar Le’Ung lightsaber (New Jedi Order)
Thracia Cho Leem lightsaber
Lirondo lightsaber
Master Lodaka lightsaber
Lowbacca lightsaber
Darth Luft lightsaber (One Sith)
Lumiya lightwhip
Lycan lightsaber (curved-hilt lightsaber)

Galen Marek lightsaber
M-OC lightsaber
Darth Maladi lightsaber (One Sith lightsaber)
Darth Malak lightsaber
Darth Malgus lightsaber
Taron Malicos lightsabers (pair of two lightsabers)
Darth Maleval lightsaber
Darth Malora lightsaber
Riss Mano lightsaber (see Marcie)
Elzar Mann lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Marcie (Riss Mano lightsaber)
Maslo-Skaff lightsaber
Darth Marr lightsaber
Roth-Del Masona lightsaber
Maul lightsaber
• Darth Maul double-bladed lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Maul double-bladed lightsaber (second lightsaber)
• Maul double-bladed lightsaber cane (third lightsaber)

Darth Maul octo-bladed lightsaber (from LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, non-Canon)
Darth Mekhis lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Callista Ming lightsaber
Mira lightsaber
Sol Mogra lightsaber
Darth Momin lightsabers (pair of two lightsabers)
Voolvif Monn lightsaber
Celeste Morne lightsaber
Foul Moudama
Ull Murub lightsaber

Rav Naaran lightsaber (Fallen Jedi)
Naare lightsaber
Ky Narec lightsaber
Freedon Nadd short lightsaber
Neebo lightsaber
Rig Nema lightsaber
Darth Nihilus lightsaber
Darth Nihl lightsaber
Ninth Sister double-bladed spinning lightsaber
Darth Noctyss lightsaber (sickle-bladed lightsaber)
Darth Nox lightsaber
Jocasta Nu lightsaber
• Jocasta Nu lightsaber
• Jocasta Nu lightsaber rifle
Warb Null lightsaber (long-handled lightsaber)

Odion lightsaber
Barriss Offee lightsaber
Savage Opress lightsaber (double-bladed lightsaber)
Illiv Orfa lightsaber (Twi’lek Dark Jedi)
Leia Organa lightsaber

Pablo-Jill lightsaber
Palpatine lightsabers
Kazdan Paratus lightsaber (lightsaber pike)
Jax Pavan lightsaber
Peerce lightsaber
Arn Peralun lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Petro lightsaber (Jedi youngling lightsaber)
Torhaa Phaa lightsaber
Darth Phobos lightsaber
Even Piell lightsaber
“Pinky” lightsaber
Pix lightsaber
Darth Plagueis lightsaber
Yarael Poof lightsaber
Polvin Kut lightsaber

Quarmall lightsaber

Qu Rahn lightsaber
Oppo Rancisis lightsaber
Dazh Ranos lightsabers (pair of crossguard lightsabers)
Yoshi Raph-Elan lightsaber
Rawk lightsaber (see Nat Skywalker lightsaber)
Darth Reave lightsabers (pair of two lightsabers)
Rieve lightsaber (Sith Eternal)
Ren (lightsaber)
Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber
Keelyvine Reus lightsabers (pair of clawed lightsabers)
Revan lightsaber
Rey lightsaber (see Rey Skywalker lightsaber)
Bolla Ropal lightsaber
Ronin lightsaber (Visions)
Jude Rozess lightsaber
Saes Rrogon lightsaber
Rune lightsaber
Darth Ruin lightsaber
Rur lightsaber (see Blade of Rur)
Vernestra Rwoh lightsaber

Beyghor Sahdett lightsaber
Sarris lightsaber
Darth Savik lightsaber
Wolf Sazen lightsaber
Warpoc Skamini lightsaber (see Zett Jukassa lightsaber)
Aayla Secura lightsaber
Sean lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Sarenda lightsaber (ancient lightsaber)
Seventh Sister lightsaber (double-bladed spinning lightsaber)
Tol Skorr lightsaber (Dark Acolyte lightsaber)
Kadrian Sey lightsaber (Dark Acolyte lightsaber)
Darth Shaa lightsabers (pair of two lightsabers)
Bastila Shan lightsaber
• Bastila Shan lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Bastila Shan double-bladed lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Satele Shan lightsaber
Satele Shan double-bladed lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Satele Shan double-bladed lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Satele Shan double-bladed lightsaber (third lightsaber)
Satele Shan lightsaber (fourth lightsaber)
Satele Shan double-bladed lightsaber (fifth lightsaber)
Satele Shan sparring lightsaber
Tarr Seirr lightsaber
Darth Sidious lightsabers (see Palpatine lightsabers)
Sifo-Dyas lightsaber
Reath Silas lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Aurra Sing lightsaber
Tera Sinube lightsaber cane
Darth Sion lightsaber
Sinya guard shoto lightsabers
Rachi Sitra lightsaber
Sixth Brother double-bladed spinning lightsaber
Skywalker lightsaber
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Skywalker lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Ben Skywalker lightsaber
Cade Skywalker lightsaber
Cade Skywalker lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Kol Skywalker lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Kol Skywalker lightsaber
Luke Skywalker lightsaber
• Skywalker lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Luke Skywalker lightsaber (second lightsaber)

Luke Skywalker shoto lightsaber
Nat Skywalker lightsaber (Rawk lightsaber)
Rey Skywalker lightsaber
• Skywalker lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Rey Skywalker lightsaber (second lightsaber)
• Dark Rey double-bladed collapsible hilt lightsaber (Force vision only)

Smuggler lightsaber
Anakin Solo lightsaber
Ben Solo lightsaber
Jacen Solo lightsaber
Jaina Solo lightsaber
Leia Organa Solo lightsaber
Sskeer lightsaber (hand guard)
Starkiller lightsabers
Indeera Stokes lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Stormtrooper lightsaber
Darth Stryfe lightsaber
Lacunas Subartuk lightsaber
Tobias Sun lightsaber
Ady Sun’Zee lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Nomi Sunrider lightsaber
Vima Sunrider lightsaber
Meetra Surik lightsaber
Mikkel Sutmani lightsaber (High Republic crossguard saber)
Bultar Swan lightsaber
Sword of Honor

T0-B1 lightsaber (Visions droid lightsaber)
Tahl lightsaber
Tai lightsaber
Darth Talon lightsaber
Lula Talisola lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Ahsoka Tano lightsabers
• Ahsoka Tano lightsabers (first pair of lightsabers)
• Ahsoka Tano lightsabers (second pair of lightsabers)

Jaro Tapal lightsaber
Rhad Tarn lightsaber
Ana Tathis lightsaber
Taselda lightsaber
Nicanas Tassu lightsaber (Geonosis arena battle)
Darth Tenebrous lightsaber
Raana Tey lightsaber
Tenth Brother lightsabers (pair of shoto lightsabers)
Terec lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Shang-Troy Thanabo lightsaber (ancient lightsaber)
Thexon lightsaber
Tholme lightsaber
Shaak Ti lightsaber
Saesee Tiin lightsaber
Laan Tik lightsaber (Jar Jar Binks lightsaber)
Tiplar lightsaber
Tiplee lightsaber
Senya Tirall lightsaber
Tohno Lightsaber
Lily Tora-Asi lightsabers (High Republic katana sabers)
Coleman Trebor lightsaber
Tremel lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Keeve Trennis lightsaber (High Republic saberstaff)
Tosan lightsaber
Trilla lightsaber
Tu’ala lightsaber
Tyvokka lightsaber (wooden-hilt lightsaber)

Luminara Unduli lightsaber
B’ink Utrila lightsaber

Darth Vader lightsaber
Kirak Infil’a curved-hilt lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Darth Vader lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Shado Vao lightsaber

Vanat lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Vaylin lightsaber

Nahdar Vebb lightsaber
Darth Vengean lightsaber
Asajj Ventress lightsaber
• Jedi lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Komari Vosa curved hilt lightsabers (second lightsabers)
• Asajj Ventress lightsaber (third lightsaber)
Ky Narec lightsaber (in her collection)
Mana Veridi lightsaber
Komari Vosa curved hilt lightsabers (pair)
Vima-Da-Boda lightsaber
Darth Vectivus lightsaber
Tru Veld lightsaber
Lord Vindican lightsaber (double-bladed lightsaber)
Vitiate lightsaber
Voe lightsaber
Quinlan Vos lightsaber

Derrin Weller lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber)
Mace Windu lightsaber
• Mace Windu lightsaber (first lightsaber)
• Mace Windu lightsaber (second lightsaber)

Darth Wredd lightsaber
Uthar Wynn double-bladed lightsaber

Xanatos lightsaber
Tyzen Xebec lightsaber
Xesh Forcesaber
Zule Xiss lightsaber

Yaddle lightsaber (long-handled lightsaber)
Yoda lightsaber
Ty Yorrick lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Rayf Ysanna (New Jedi Order)
Yuln lightsaber (One Sith lightsaber)
Yun lightsaber (Dark Jedi lightsaber)
Tan Yuster lightsaber

Ven Zallow lightsaber
Darth Zannah double-bladed lightsaber (see Bane’s Heart)
Zao lightsaber (long-handled lightsaber/cane lightsaber)
Darth Zash lightsaber
Zatt lightsaber (Jedi youngling)
Wiffa Zett lightsaber (Dark Acolyte)
Bell Zettifar lightsaber (High Republic lightsaber)
Zym lightsaber

Image depicts lightsabers seens in Star Wars movies.

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