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The Derrin Weller lightsaber is a single-bladed Jedi lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Derrin Weller. Derrin Weller is an Old Republic era human male Jedi Knight who serves the Jedi Order. Weller is stationed on the planet Tython during the Cold War.

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Derrin Weller lightsaber
Derrin Weller lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/BioWare/EA

Derrin Weller Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Derrin Weller lightsaber is comprised of a metal hilt with a flared, disc-shaped emitter. The hilt is most a light gray and dark grayish color with gold accents in the emitter and pommel sections.

Derrin Weller serves the Jedi Order, ascending to the rank of Jedi Knight sometime before 3643 BBY. During the Cold War, Weller is stationed at the Jedi training grounds on the Jedi homeworld Tython. He welcomes and provides an orientation to newly arriving Jedi Padawans before sending them along to the Jedi Council.

Weller meets one young Padawan with some training experience in dueling. An emergency transmission from a Padawan interrupts the meeting. Padawan Unaw Aharo explains that the Flesh Raiders, the native inhabitants of Tython, are attacking the training grounds with blaster. Weller dispatches all available Jedi in the area, including the new initiate, to contain the situation. He contacts Jedi Master Orgus Din and the rest of the Jedi Council to appraise them of the attack before joining the battle himself. His leg is injured in battle while he rescues several Padawans.

Behind the Scenes

The Derrin Weller lightsaber first appears in “Attack of the Flesh Raiders”, the first mission for the Jedi Knight class in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011). The blade color of the lightsaber is not depicted in the game.

Image depicts the Derrin Weller lightsaber hilt

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