List of Lightsaber Soundboard User Manuals

Plecter Labs Crystal Force V10 (CFX) soundboard

If you’re a DIYer or sabersmith and you’re installing a lightsaber soundboard and electronics from scratch, here’s a list of lightsaber soundboard and controller user manuals and other helpful downloads. Most user manuals include both configuration instructions and wiring schematics.

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List Updated: 3/18/2021
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7 CHAMBERS Soundboard/Controller Manuals |
Spectra V2 Wiring Diagram and Instructions [external IMAGE]
CoreFX V2 Wiring Diagram [external LINK]

ARTEKIT Soundboard Manuals|
Artekit PropBoard PBSaber Manual [external LINK]

KYBERLIGHT Soundboard Manuals |
Kyberlight v4 Circuit Board Install Demo [YouTube Video]
No written Kyberlight soundboard manual appears to exist.

All manuals, STLs, NEC Editor installers, and default files are in the SaberIgniter Google Drive here.

PLECTER LABS Soundboard Manuals |
Crystal Focus V10 (CFX) Soundboard Manual [external PDF]
Nano Biscotte V4 Soundboard Manual [external PDF]
Pico Crumber 2.5 Soundboard Manual [external PDF]
PRIZM V5.5 Soundboard Manual [external PDF]
Additional user manuals for Plecter Labs soundboards, including discontinued boards, may be found on

PROFFIEBOARD v2.2 Soundboard Manual |
Proffieboard Manual [external PDF]

SABERFORGE Soundboard Manual |
Hero Wiring Diagram [external image]
Saberforge Hero lightsabers use the NEC Spark Color 3 soundboard.

SABERTEC Soundboard Manuals |
Golden Harvest Soundboard Manual [external PDF]
Configuration Guide [external PDF]

VERSO Soundboard Manuals |
Verso Soundboard Manuel (V1 and V2)

WARSABER Soundboard Manuals |
CerbeRUS Core Soundboard Manual [external link]
CerbeRUS NeoCore Soundboard Manual [external link]

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Image depicts a Crystal Force V10 (CFX) board from the CFX manual.

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