List of LGT, TXQ and YDD Sellers

Here is a list of companies and individuals who sell custom sabers manufactured by YDD Saber, LGT Saber or both companies. YDD Saber, TXQsaber and LGT Saber are different Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) companies that produce a variety of widely available, commonly affordably-priced, custom sabers. Some budget friendly sabers are around $100, although many installed sabers are $200-$300+. Have you ever seen two products on Amazon that look identical but have a different name? The product might be made by an OEM.

Although YDD, TXQ, and LGT may sell some of their custom sabers themselves, the manufacturers also sell their products in bulk to many resellers. The resellers then brand, market, and fulfill the custom saber orders themselves. As a result different resellers commonly sell the same product using a different name. The price of the item may vary widely. Also the quality of the customer service may vary widely so it’s important to shop around from a company with a good reputation.

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DISCLAIMER: This list is for informational purposes only. SaberSourcing does not necessarily endorse the sellers or companies in the list. Please research the company before buying from them, factoring in the company’s age and customer feedback.

A YDD saber (left) and an LGT saber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT YDD (left) and LGT (right)

List of LGT saber and/or YDD saber Sellers

These resellers may sell custom sabers from YDD, from LGT or from both companies. The company may also modify the sabers or sell their own products along with the YDD/LGT sabers.

List Updated: 10/11/2022

AegisSabers (Etsy) United States
ArtSabers (Etsy) Latvia
AusSabers Australia
CCSabers (Etsy) United States
DarkWolfSabers United States
eBay (various sellers)
Kybers (Amazon) United States
Mystic Knights Armory United States
The Pach Store Hong Kong
Padawan Outpost United Kingdom
PeekaBooArtPrints (Etsy) United States
Saberforge United States
SaberStudio (Amazon)
SpartanSabers United States
Starforge Sabers United States
TXQsaber (AliExpress) China
VireSabers United States
YDD saber (Amazon)

LGT saber (Facebook) LGT saber Facebook page
TXQsaber (Facebook) TXQsaber Facebook page
YDD Saber (Facebook) YDD saber Facebook page

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