Why Identical Custom Lightsabers are Called Different Names

If you’ve ever noticed two seemingly identical custom sabers marketed as two different names, then you may have spotted an OEM lightsaber. An OEM lightsaber is a custom saber manufactured by one company and marketed, branded and sold by another company or reseller. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Some major manufacturers of OEM lightsabers include: YDDsaber, LGTsaber, and Wuxi Victor MFG.

Many OEM lightsabers and lightsaber accessories are manufactured in China and are available for purchase for wholesale prices and quantities on Alibaba (smaller quantities are sometimes available as well).

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Here’s a selection YDDSaber custom sabers, which are OEM lightsabers. | IMAGE CREDIT YDDSaber

Several custom saber companies resell a selection OEM lightsabers and some companies only sell OEM lightsabers. Each reseller often brands and names each lightsaber product (e.g. The Pach Store’s “The Tiny Giant Kyojin Custom Saber”). Alternatively, sometimes the reseller simply generically names and describes the lightsaber (e.g. “Stock Lightsaber RGB”). As a result, the same custom saber product may be referred to as many different names.

How to Identify an OEM Lightsaber

One of the easiest ways to identify OEM lightsabers is entering the search term “lightsaber” on Alibaba or AliExpress. You can also individually research some of the companies that manufacture OEM lightsabers including: YDD Saber, LGTSaber, and Wuxi Victor MFG.

OEM lightsabers will vary in design. Although many OEM lightsaber are inexpensive and feature a somewhat basic, “no-frills” design, some OEM lightsabers may be character inspired designs as well.

Buying an OEM Lightsaber from a Reseller

OEM lightsabers are sold by multiple resellers on various platforms. Many OEM lightsabers are available on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and also from individual reseller websites.

Research the product, the reseller and the price before buying an OEM lightsaber. Some OEM lightsabers are attractively priced, but are also cheaply made and more likely to break sooner than a slightly higher quality product.

Educate yourself about some of the scam warning signs and learn about your rights as a consumer. Some companies that resell OEM lightsabers appear to intentionally mislead buyers about shipping times and product features and provide extremely poor customer service. Other companies that resell OEM lightsabers provide excellent customer service. Buy from an established company with a track record of excellent customer service, whenever possible.

Finally, do some price comparisons among OEM lightsaber resellers. One reseller may sell a custom saber for $60 while another reseller may sell the exact same custom saber for $150.

Image depicts a selection YDDSaber custom sabers, which are OEM lightsabers.

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