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Ki Sabers, formerly known as Ing Chao’s Armory, is a United States based custom saber company that specializes in ergonomic, duel worthy stunt sabers (no sound) and sound sabers. The company offers additional customization options as well, including: powder coating, battle wrap, and leather wrap.

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Ing Chao’s Armory Persuader (left) and Slayer (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Ing Chao’s Armory

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Ki Sabers makes two hilt designs: Persuader and Slayer. The company states that its team members have a background in machining and martial arts. The Persuader lightsaber hilt is 11 inches long. The Slayer lightsaber hilt, which is equipped with a removable tsuba (handguard), is 12.7 inches long (optional extension is available as well).

Ki Sabers hilts, which are aluminum and slim in profile, feature a balanced and ergonomic design for dueling and spinning. Additional duel friendly features include: a removable all-in-one chassis, a deep blade socket depth, and an activation switch tucked out of the way in a recessed area on the bottom of the removable pommel.

In addition to selling Ki Sabers Persuader and Slayer, the company also sells an assortment of character inspired custom sabers manufactured by LGT Sabers.

Ing Chao’s Armory all-in-one stunt chassis | IMAGE CREDIT Ing Chao’s Armory

Ki Sabers Persuader and Slayer custom sabers are equipped with a proprietary all-in-one chassis. The chassis is ONLY compatible with Persuader V2 (released starting in Summer 2019), Slayer, and with future straight hilts released by Ki Sabers. The chassis not compatible with hilts from other companies. The all-in-one chassis may be completely removed to easily access the battery for charging. The chassis may also be completely removed and swapped out with a different LED color or a sound chassis.

KiSabers / Ing Chao’s Armory (Etsy) affiliate link

Image depicts various Ki Sabers custom sabers

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