Darth Reave Lightsabers | Lightsaber Profile

Darth Reave lightsaber

The Darth Reave lightsabers are a set of two single-hilt red lightsabers wielded by the Sith Lord Darth Reave in Star Wars Legends. Darth Reave is a Legacy era male Devaronian Sith Lord who serves Darth Krayt’s One Sith Order. The lightsaber hilts feature a craggy, organic, yorik coral-like design. RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf … Read more

Ki Sabers: Ergonomic, Duel Worthy Custom Sabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Ing Chao’s Armory, also known as KiSabers on Etsy, is a United States based custom saber company that specializes is ergonomic, duel worthy stunt sabers (no sound) and sound sabers. 

The Problem with “Duel Worthy” Lightsabers

“Is a lightsaber duel worthy?” That’s one of the MOST COMMON questions people ask the lightsaber community, especially when someone is considering purchasing a first lightsaber or simply a new lightsaber. The problem with the question is it’s asking for a binary answer of “Yes, the lightsaber is duel worthy” or “No, the lightsaber is … Read more

Duel Worthy Lightsaber Blades: 5 Traits of a Combat Ready Blade

Duel worthy lightsaber blades must above all be strong enough to endure sparring and safe enough to minimize harm to an opponent. Let’s examine 5 traits of a combat ready lightsaber blade. Note: This list adapts and expands upon rules from The Saber Legion (TSL), the world’s biggest saber dueling organization. If you plan to … Read more

REAL Lightsaber Dueling: 4 Intensity Levels of Combat

Real lightsaber duels strive to represent the lightsaber combat portrayed in the movies in a safe and controlled manner. Unlike choreographed fights, real lightsaber combat DOES NOT follow a prearranged sequence of moves. If you’re planning on using a real lightsaber for a real lightsaber duel with a partner, there are 4 basic levels of … Read more

What is a lightfoil? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightfoil is a small, archaic lightsaber variation in Star Wars Canon. The lightweight, slim-bladed, one-handed weapon exhibits a high level of precision and maneuverability.

7 Lightsaber Forms of Combat: What You Should Know

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader lightsaber duel

A lightsaber form is a distinctive style, methodology and philosophy of lightsaber combat. According to Star Wars canon, there are 7 known lightsaber forms. Although a Force user may favor only one or a few of the 7 lightsaber forms, the individual may select a form to best fit the conditions of a specific the … Read more

Ki Sabers Persuader V2 Lightsaber (Dueling Saber) | New Saber Alert

Ki Sabers Persuader V2 lightsaber

The Ki Sabers Persuader V2 Lightsaber is a simple and elegant custom saber designed for competitive lightsaber combat. The saber is available as an empty hilt (for DIY) or installed as an stunt saber (in-hilt LED, no sound) or sound saber (in-hilt LED). The slim and balanced design favors a one-handed grip near the top … Read more

Duel Worthy Lightsabers: Heavy Dueling vs. Light Contact

two lightsabers

When Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts shop around for a new lightsaber, they’ll often ask themselves, “Is this lightsaber duel worthy?”. Let’s be real, many people who purchase a lightsaber are going to want to duel in SOME capacity. Although Star Wars characters use lightsabers in many ways, ranging from cutting through a door, … Read more

Why Duel Worthy Force FX Lightsabers Will NEVER Exist

Force FX lightsabers crossed out

Star Wars Force FX lightsabers are not duel worthy, have never been duel worthy, and may never be duel worthy in the future. Lightsaber enthusiasts sometimes do a Force FX conversion in order to make a Force FX lightsaber duel worthy, but that’s another topic for another article. Right out of the box without any … Read more