What is a lightfoil? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightfoil is a small, archaic lightsaber variation in Star Wars Canon. The lightweight, slim-bladed, one-handed weapon exhibits a high level of precision and maneuverability. Likely developed by the Sith, the lightfoil’s grace and finesse favors the elegant Form II: Makashi lightsaber combat style.

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Lightfoil in Star Wars Canon

Early Sith are thought to have developed the first lightfoil. By the time of the Clone Wars era, however, the lightfoil had largely fallen out of use. Clone Wars era Jedi, including Yoda an Ahsoka Tano, instead favored the diminutive shoto lightsaber.

The lightfoil joined Star Wars Canon in 2018 in the book the Knights of Fate, a sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game.

Lightfoil in Star Wars Legends

The Sith secretly developed the lightfoil during The Old Republic era. There are two versions of the lightfoil in Star Wars Legends: the original, archaic lightfoil and the knockoff, modern lightfoil. Original lightfoils were wielded by Force-users and exhibited a high level of craftsmanship. The knockoff, modern lightfoils we comparatively poorly made and could be wielded by non-Force sensitive individuals. Modern lightfoils became popular among some Tapani sector nobles.

The lightfoil first appeared in Star Wars Legends in the 2013 novel The Last Jedi (unrelated to the 2017 film of the same name).

Lightfoils in Real Life

No officially licensed lightfoils currently exist. In November 2019, custom saber company Saberforge unveiled the Saberforge Rapier, a custom lightsaber similar to a lightfoil. Advanced Light Weaponry (riartist on eBay) sells a custom lightsaber rapier. Other sabersmiths and DIYers have constructed one-off custom lightfoils as well.

A 3D rendering of the custom Saberforge Rapier Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Unknown (possibly Lucasfilm?)
Image depicts two Tapani sector nobles dueling with lightfoils

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