Saberforge Unveils Rapier Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Closeup on the ornate hilt design of Saberforge Rapier| IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge (3D rendering)

Phillip Isherwood‎, founder of Saberforge, unveiled a new product called the Saberforge Rapier lightsaber. Saberforge Rapier features an ornate, complex handguard characteristic of a real world rapier. First developed around 1500, the rapier is a slender, historic European sword. The single-handed weapon favors fast and precise thrusting blows.

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“We were able to take over an inch of[f] the overall [Saberforge Rapier hilt] length,” Isherwood said, “and get it much closer to real rapier dimensions.” The Saberforge Rapier hilt will be 10.75 inches long (7.25 inches from the top of the grip section to the bottom of the pommel).

Saberforge has not yet opened the new Rapier lightsaber to pre-orders, announced a release date, or revealed the price of the product. Isherwood unveiled the new lightsaber in a post in the Custom Lightsaber Owners Facebook group on November 12, 2019.

Saberforge is a United States based custom saber company.

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Image depicts 3D rendering of the Saberforge Rapier

Saberforge Rapier Lightsaber model or prototype | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge


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