List of Lightsaber Parts Sellers (DIY)

Want to repair, upgrade, or build your own lightsaber from scratch? Here are some lightsaber parts stores and sellers for DIYers. These are the parts you’re looking for!

Always thoroughly research a company and its products before making a purchase. Check back frequently for updates to the list. Please contact me with any additions or corrections to the list.
Last Updated: 2/4/2020

DISCLAIMER: This list contains some affiliate links, meaning I will get some money if you purchase something through the link. Affiliate referrals help support the SaberSourcing YouTube channel and website.

ETSY Lightsabers
AMAZON Lightsabers
EBAY Lightsabers
KYBERLIGHT Lightsabers


General Stores (wide selection of DIY parts)
The Custom Saber Shop United States
Elegant Weapons France
JQ Sabers United Kingdom
The Saber Armory by KR Sabers United Kingdom
SlimSabers Spain

Specialty Stores

Defconbird (eBay) United States leather wrap
The Graflex Shop United States replica Graflex parts
navships (eBay) United States wire
One Replicas (Etsy) Spain grips, switch, clamp card, control box, greeblies
RogueArsenal (Etsy) United States soundboards, speakers, recharge port, heat sink
SaberBay (Etsy) United States heat sink, switch, speaker, LED, battery, neopixel parts
Skywampa (Etsy) United Kingdom crystal chamber, clamp cards, D-ring, other parts
Slothfurnace United States clamp cards
Wanna Wanga Netherlands grips, clamp card, other parts

Your Local Brick and Mortar Stores
Local Craft Store (e.g. Michaels, Hobby Lobby)
Local Hardware Store (e.g. Ace, Hardware Hank)
Local Home Improvement Store (e.g. Home Depot, Lowes)


7 Chambers (Facebook) United Kingdom [Etsy store closed]
89 Sabers China
AtomSabers Spain [also on eBay]
aynranfan (eBay) United States [operated by Jeffrey Parks]
contehmorgan (eBay) United States found parts cosplay hilts 
The Custom Saber Shop United States
Dark Force Custom Sabers United States [also on eBay also on Etsy]
Force Relics Belgium [also on Etsy]
FutureSabersLLC (Etsy) United States
The Graflex Shop United States Graflex hilts
GreatLakesSaberCo (Etsy) United States
HighCouncilSabers (Etsy) United States
Illuminated Saber (Etsy) United States
Jawa’s Junkyard (Facebook) Australia [also on Etsy]
Kaizen Sabers Canada
Korbanth United States
KR Sabers United Kingdom
Lazersabers United States
One Replicas (Etsy) United Kingdom [also on eBay]
Park Sabers United States lightsabers, accessories
Phoenix Props Germany
PropMakerFrance (Etsy) France
Roman Props United States
Salt Lake Saber Co (Etsy) United States
Saberforge United States [also on Etsy]
Solo’s Hold United States
Starfall Sabers (Etsy) United States
Ultrasabers United States
Ultimate Works Hong Kong
Volt1987 (Etsy) United Kingdom display prop hilts
WarSabers Russia
Watto’s Junkyard (Facebook) Germany


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