List of Lightsaber Stand, Mount, and Display Box Sellers

Here’s a list of companies that sells lightsaber stands, wall mounts, display boxes, saber bags, display plaques and other display methods. This list is incomplete and intended for reference only. Always thoroughly research a company and its products before making a purchase. Check back frequently for updates to the list. Please contact me with any additions or corrections to the list.
Updated: 12/9/2019

DISCLAIMER: This list contains some affiliate links, meaning I will get some money if you purchase something through the link. Affiliate referrals help support the SaberSourcing YouTube channel and website.

The3DPropShop (Etsy) 
Canada stand with rust effect
3D Sabers (Etsy)
United States stands
ArgentumSabers Germany [also on Etsy] wall mount
Arm on Fire Custom Sabers United States vertical stands
Ashmi Sabers (Etsy) United Kingdom wooden stand
Blue Force Sabers (Etsy) United States stainless steel stand
Bright Workz (Etsy)
Canada LED stands
CAGcustomcreations (Etsy) 
United States stand, display boxes, plaques (add-on only)
CrutchfieldWoodshop (Etsy)
United States wooden saber stands
The Custom Saber Shop 
United States stand
DarkLyte Customs (Etsy) United States stand
ForceGhostSabers (Etsy) United States lightsaber wall hangers
Geek4GeeksWorkshop (Etsy) 
United States stands
GalacticGeekProps (Etsy) 
United States stands
Infinity 3D Prints (Etsy) United States stands, mounts [also on eBay]
JQ Sabers United Kingdom stands
Korbanth United States stand
Kyberlight United States stand
Outer Rim Sabers (Etsy) United States stands
The PC Mod Shop (Etsy) United States stands
The Proplicator (Etsy) 
United States stands
PropMakerFrance (Etsy) 
France stand, display box
RogueArsenal (Etsy) 
United States stands
Quest Designs Canada (Etsy)
Canada stands, name plate
Red Five Customs (Etsy) 
United States stands
United States [also on Etsy] stands
Turkey stand
Saber Wars (Etsy) 
United States metal stands
Salt Lake Saber Co (Etsy)
 United States stands, mounts
Skywampa (Etsy)
United Kingdom stands
ThatSick (Etsy) 
United States mount
TheSaberSupply (Etsy) 
Thailand stands
United States stand
UnderworldGiftShop (Etsy) 
United States wooden stand
Vader’s Vault United States stands

Wine Boxes on Etsy display boxes
Some wine boxes can be used as lightsaber display boxes, but make sure you saber will fit the dimensions of the box.
Illumibox on Amazon display box
CAGcustomcreations (Etsy) United States display boxes, stand, plaques (add-on only)
GalacticEmporium (Etsy) United States display boxes
PropMakerFrance (Etsy) France display box, stand
SoloCraftSabers (Etsy) United States display boxes
WoodenPretties (Etsy) 
United States display boxes

CJSCortland (Etsy)
United States display plaques
JVAPlaques (Etsy)
United States display plaques
KR Sabers United Kingdom display plaques
Plaques 4 Props (Facebook) 
United States display plaques CLOSED
Quest Designs Canada (Etsy)
Canada name plate, stands

ACLightsabers (Etsy)
Malaysia saber bag
Defconbird (eBay) United States saber bags, blade roll (storage bag)
ForceBlades (Etsy)
Poland saber bag
SaberCade (Etsy) 
United States saber case (hard shell)
Sabertrio (Etsy)
Malaysia saber bags
WallysCustomBags (Etsy) 
United States saber bag
WonderForceCo (Etsy) 
Hong Kong saber bag (sheath)

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