List of Neopixel Lightsaber Companies

Here’s a list of neopixel lightsaber vendors and manufactures. Neopixel lightsabers use an LED neopixel strip inside the lightsaber blade itself. Neopixel lightsabers, which use removable blades, are brighter than in-hilt LED lightsabers and offer more complex special effects as well (e.g. blaster bolt deflection, rainbow blade, flame blade, etc). Some companies call neopixel lightsabers: pixel sabers, neo sabers, or PlecterPixel lightsabers.

Boards like Proffieboard, Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX), Golden Harvest V3, and KR Sabers Verso Soundboard, and Electrum Sabercrafts Diatium 3 (D3) soundboard support a neopixel configuration. Some companies may sell cheaper sabers with names like: Xenopixel, EcoPixel, Eco Neo etc. These entry-level, pixel-style sabers are lower in quality but more affordably priced than standard pixel sabers.

This neopixel lightsaber list is incomplete and intended for reference only. Always thoroughly research a company and its products before making a purchase. Check back frequently for updates to the list. Please contact me with any additions or corrections to the list.
Last Updated: 12/19/2021

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Note: Pixel sabers are a standard pixel saber. Xenopixel, Eco Pixel, Eco Neo, etc are an entry-level, budget friendly version of a pixel saber.

AC Lightsabers (Etsy) Malaysia
ArgentumSabers Germany [also on Etsy]
Bendu Armory United States pixel sabers
CCSabers (Etsy) United States pixel sabers
Dark Force Custom Sabers United States [also on Etsy]
Darkwolf Sabers United States pixel sabers, xenopixel sabers
eBay (various sellers) pixel sabers, xenopixel sabers
Electrum Sabercrafts Canada pixel sabers
Evolution Arms United States pixel sabers
Genesis Custom Sabers Canada pixel sabers
JQ Sabers United Kingdom pixel sabers
Korbanth United States pixel sabers
The Outer Rim Outpost (Facebook) United States pixel sabers
Padawan Outpost United Kingdom pixel sabers, Xenopixel, Eco Neo Sabers
RGVCustomSabers (Etsy) United States pixel sabers
RogueArsenal (Etsy) United States
Saberforge United States [also on Etsy] pixel sabers
Sabermach Singapore [also on Etsy] pixel sabers, xenopixel sabers
Sabertrio Malaysia [also on Etsy] pixel sabers
Vader’s Vault United States pixel sabers


AC Lightsabers (Etsy) Malaysia neopixel blade plug
The Custom Saber Shop United States
DarkForceSabers (Etsy) United States neopixel blade
JQ Sabers United Kingdom
KR Sabers United Kingdom
RGVCustomSabers (Etsy) United States neopixel blades
RogueArsenal (Etsy) United States CLOSED
SaberBay (Etsy) United States neopixel blades, soundboards, connectors neo to CREE converter, etc.
SaberStuff (Etsy) United States
SithLord Sabers (Etsy) United States neopixel blades
SlimSabers Spain
Spectre6Sabers (Etsy) United States neopixel blade, blade plug, parts

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