Rainbow Lightsaber Blade Color: Everything You Need To Know

Does a rainbow lightsaber exist in Star Wars? In the video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023), Jedi Cal Kestis may unlock a special rainbow lightsaber blade color. The game calls the multicolor blade the “Party Blade”. Whenever Cal Kestis moves the lightsaber around, the blade(s) change colors.

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How to Unlock the Multicolor Party Blade in Jedi: Survivor

When Cal Kestis wields the Party Blade, the blade color rotates whenever he moves the lightsaber around. How do you unlock the Party Blade? First you need to complete the story line of the entire game. Then return to the main menu and select the new option called “Start New Journey Plus”. New Game Plus mode starts the game at the beginning again. This time, however, you start the game with all of the previously unlocked stances, cosmetics, and perk points.

After you launch New Journey Plus mode, you can change the lightsaber blade to the Party Blade once you reach a workstation. Party Blade shows as one of the blade color options at the bottom of the screen. It’s that easy.

Rainbow Gem Kyber Crystal in Star Wars Legends

In Star Wars Legends, an extremely rare and valuable item called a rainbow gem may serve as a lightsaber crystal, the heart of a lightsaber.

Tenel Ka Djo, a female Hapan Jedi Knight, equips her second lightsaber with rainbow gems from the remains of a tiara. Djo, the Princess of Hapes, is the only Force user to construct her lightsaber using the scarce rainbow gems. Her lightsaber, which is made out of a rancor tooth, emits a turquoise blade. It’s unknown how a rainbow gem may affect the blade color of a lightsaber. In other words, we don’t actually know if a rainbow gem would necessarily produce a rainbow blade.

Notably, a ‘rainbow gem’ is actually not a gem at all, but rather a silicon-based life form originating from Gallinore, a planet in the Hapes Cluster. The gems take a thousand years to mature. Rainbow gems are commonly used in medallions. Tenel Ka Djo’s usage of treasured rainbow gems in her lightsaber makes her lightsaber one of the most expensive lightsabers of her time.

rainbow lightsaber
Real life neopixel lightsaber with moving rainbow blade effect | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Rainbow Lightsabers in Real Life

No officially licensed rainbow lightsabers currently exist, however, it’s easy to find variety of inexpensive, light up ‘space sword’ and ‘laser sword’ toys with rainbow blades. Disney Parks previously offered a lightsaber-like Mickey Mouse toy with a red handle and a telescoping rainbow blade eBay affiliate link.

Neopixel Lightsabers and the Rainbow Blade Effect

Neopixel lightsabers are a type of custom saber that use a blade equipped with flexible LED strips. These extremely customizable neopixel blades enable a wide range of colors and visual effects. In addition to creating visual effects like flame blades and blaster bolt deflection effects, many neopixel sabers are capable of creating a moving rainbow blade effect.

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