List of Clone Wars Lightsabers

Here is a list of Clone Wars lightsabers matched to the Jedi, Sith, or Dark Acolyte or other individual who wields the lightsaber. The Clone Wars is a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The conflict starts in 22 BBY and ends 19 BBY with the enactment of Order 66 and the transformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire.

The list is frequently expanded. For a list of lightsabers from ALL Star Wars eras, visit the Personal Lightsabers page.

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Allara lightsaber (taken from General Grievous)
Stass Allie lightsaber

Daakman Barrek lightsaber
Depa Billaba lightsaber
Jar Jar Binks lightsaber (see Laan Tik lightsaber)

Cal lightsaber
Olana Chion lightsaber
Eno Cordova lightsaber
Roron Corobb lightsaber

Artel Darc lightsaber (Dark Jedi)
Darksaber (ancient lightsaber present during Clone Wars)
Roblio Darté lightsaber (forked lightsaber/crossguard lightsaber)
Ima-Gun Di lightsaber
Prosset Dibs lightsaber
T’chooka D’oon lightsaber
Count Dooku lightsaber
Ur-Sema Du lightsaber

Ord Enisence lightsaber
Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy lightsaber
Finn Ertay lightsaber
Lumas Etima lightsaber

Kit Fisto lightsaber
Kit Fisto lightsaber
Nahdar Vebb lightsaber (recovered from General Grievous)

Melik Galerha lightsaber
General Grievous lightsaber collection
Allara lightsabers (briefly taken from Grievous)
Daakman Barrek lightsaber
Soon Bayts lightsaber
Roron Corrob lightsaber
T’chooka D’oon lightsaber
Ur-Sema Du lightsaber
Sha’a Gi lightsaber
Jmmaar lightsaber
Pablo-Jill lightsaber
Eeth Koth lightsaber
Neebo lightsaber
Foul Moudama lightsaber
Quarmall lightsaber
Tarr Seirr lightsaber
Shaak Ti lightsaber
Nahdar Vebb lightsaber (recovered by Kit Fisto)
Sha’a Gi lightsaber
Gira lightsaber
Glaive lightsaber
Gungi lightsaber

Kina Ha lightsaber
Halsey lightsaber
Huulik lightsaber

Iguni lightsaber

Jmmaar lightsaber (acquired by General Grievous)
Judd lightsaber (lightsaber pike)
Zett Jukassa lightsaber
Bruu Jun-Fan lightsaber
Cere Junda lightsaber
Kai Justiss lightsaber

K’Kruhk lightsaber
Katooni lightsaber (Jedi youngling)
Cal Kestis lightsaber
• Cal Kestis lightsaber (first lightsaber)
Jaro Tapal lightsaber (second lightsaber)
Cere Junda lightsaber (salvaged for parts)
Ronhar Kim lightsaber
Knox lightsaber
Agen Kolar lightsaber
Plo Koon lightsaber
• Plo Koon lightsaber
• Plo Koon lightsaber gauntlet (concept art only)
Sha Koon lightsaber
Eeth Koth lightsaber
Pong Krell lightsabers (hinged double-bladed lightsabers)
Hallan Krintu lightsaber
An’ya Kuro lightsaber

Yigan Lam lightsaber

Riss Mano lightsaber (see Marcie)
Marcie (Riss Mano lightsaber)
Mira lightsaber
Voolvif Monn lightsaber
Foul Moudama

Rav Naaran lightsaber (Fallen Jedi)
Neebo lightsaber
Rig Nema lightsaber
Jocasta Nu lightsaber
• Jocasta Nu lightsaber
• Jocasta Nu lightsaber rifle

Barriss Offee lightsaber
Savage Opress lightsaber (double-bladed lightsaber)

Pablo-Jill lightsaber
Palpatine lightsabers
Kazdan Paratus lightsaber (lightsaber pike)
Torhaa Phaa lightsaber
Even Piell lightsaber
Pix lightsaber
Yarael Poof lightsaber

Quarmall lightsaber

Oppo Rancisis lightsaber
Keelyvine Reus lightsabers (pair of clawed lightsabers)
Bolla Ropal lightsaber

Beyghor Sahdett lightsaber
Warpoc Skamini lightsaber (see Zett Jukassa lightsaber)
Aayla Secura lightsaber
Tol Skorr lightsaber (Dark Acolyte lightsaber)
Kadrian Sey lightsaber (Dark Acolyte lightsaber)
Tarr Seirr lightsaber
Darth Sidious lightsabers (see Palpatine lightsabers)
Bultar Swan lightsaber

Jaro Tapal lightsaber
Rhad Tarn lightsaber
Nicanas Tassu lightsaber (Geonosis arena battle)
Tholme lightsaber
Shaak Ti lightsaber
Saesee Tiin lightsaber
Laan Tik lightsaber (Jar Jar Binks lightsaber)
Tiplar lightsaber
Tiplee lightsaber
Tohno Lightsaber
Coleman Trebor lightsaber
Tosan lightsaber
Tu’ala lightsaber

Luminara Unduli lightsaber

Nahdar Vebb lightsaber

Tyzen Xebec lightsaber
Zule Xiss lightsaber

Yaddle lightsaber (long-handled lightsaber)
Yoda lightsaber
Tan Yuster lightsaber

Zao lightsaber (long-handled lightsaber/cane lightsaber)
Zatt lightsaber (Jedi youngling)
Wiffa Zett lightsaber (Dark Acolyte)

Explore the List of Personal Lightsabers to learn about more character lightsabers.

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