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The Roblio Darté lightsaber is a blue-bladed crossguard lightsaber wielded by Jedi Master Roblio Darté. Roblio Darté is a Rise of the Empire era human male Jedi Master. He survives Order 66, but dies fighting against Darth Vader during the Conclave on Kessel.

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Jedi Master Roblio Darté wields a forked lightsaber variation of the crossguard lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics

Roblio Darté Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

Roblio Darté studies the ways of the Force under the guidance of the Jedi Order. He constructs a blue-bladed forked lightsaber, a crossguard lightsaber variation. The uncommon lightsaber design emits a main blade and one short side blade. Darté ascends to the rank of Jedi Knight and then Jedi Master.

Jedi Master Roblio Darté serves as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. He leads clone troopers against Separatist forces on the swamplands of the planet Parcellus Minor. Vastly outnumbered, he and his troops suffer heavy casualties, but manage to hold off the Separatists. The Separatist commander grows weary of the fight and orders orbital bombardment of the planet. The destruction indiscriminately wipes out Republic troopers and Separatist droids alike. Over 90% of trooper under Darté’s command are killed. Roblio Darté reports the carnage and destruction to the Jedi Council.

Roblio Darté survives the enactment of Order 66 in 19 BBY. While he is in hiding, Jedi Master Shadday Potkin contact him and invites him to a conclave of surviving Jedi. Darté and a handful of additional Jedi meet up with Potkin in an abandoned mine of Kessel. When many of the Jedi disagree over strategy, Potkin reveals she has lured Darth Vader to Kessel. Knowing that Vader was looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Potkin leaked information that Kenobi would be attending the conclave.

When Darth Vader arrives on Kessel, many of the gathered Jedi attack the Sith Lord. Despite being outnumbered, Darth Vader defeats many of the Jedi until only Darté and two others are left. As Jedi Master Koffi Arana prepares to strike down Vader, a group of stormtroopers arrive and open fire on the surviving Jedi. Darté is cut down and shot in the chest. The Jedi Master dies.

Behind the Scenes

The Roblio Darté lightsaber first appears in a flashback in the comic book Star Wars Republic 61: Dead Ends (2004). The lightsaber subsequently appears in the one-shot comic book Star Wars: Purge (2005).

Debuting in 2004, the introduction of the Roblio Darté lightsaber marks the first appearance a crossguard lightsaber in Star Wars Legends. The Kylo Ren lightsaber, which is introduced over a decade later, is the first crossguard lightsaber in Star Wars Canon.

Image depicts the Roblio Darté lightsaber

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