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The Kao Cen Darach lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Master Kao Cen Darach in Star Wars Legends. Kao Cen Darach is an Old Republic era Zabrak male Jedi Master. Skilled in lightsaber combat, Darach is a Jedi Battlemaster who oversees lightsaber training at the Jedi Temple. Darach takes on Satele Shan as a Padawan.

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Kao Cen Darach lightsaber
Kao Cen Darach lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT BioWare

Kao Cen Darach Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Kao Cen Darach lightsaber is comprised of a metal hilt. The hilt is mostly metallic silver in color with gold or brass accents. The design incorporates a slanted, s-curve emitter, activation box and three circular cutouts in the grip section. The Jedi lightsaber emits a green blade.

Kao Cen Darach trains as a Jedi and ascends to the rank of Jedi Master. He serves as the Jedi Battlemaster of the Jedi Order, charged with overseeing lightsaber training at the Jedi Temple. Darach takes on Satele Shan as a Padawan and trains her in lightsaber combat and in the ways of the Force.

In 3681 ABY, Kao Cen Darach and Satele Shan are aboard a Republic space station orbiting the ancestral Sith homeworld Korriban. The Sith Lord Vindican and his apprentice Malgus unexpectedly board the station and confront the two Jedi. Darach duels Vindican while Shan duels Malgus. During the skirmish, Darach instructs Shan to leave.

Before she leaps aboard a freighter, Shan tosses her double-bladed lightsaber to Darach to wield against the Sith. He ignites the the blue blades and wields the double-bladed lightsaber in tandem with his own green-bladed lightsaber. He duels the two Sith, eventually slashing Vindican’s face and stabbing him in the stomach. After Vindican falls, his enraged apprentice uses the Force to draw the Lord Vindican lightsaber. The rage-filled Malgus, wielding the Lord Vindican lightsaber and his own lightsaber, ultimately overpowers Darach and strikes down the Jedi Master. Maglus then strikes down his injured master as well. Meanwhile aboard the freighter, Shan senses her master’s death.

Darach’s sacrifice enables Shan to successfully escape in the freighter. She manages to warn the Republic of the resurgence of the Sith, who were thought to be extinct.

Behind the Scenes

The Kao Cen Darach lightsaber first appears in “Return” (2011) a cinematic trailer for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Kao Cen Darach lightsaber is extremely similar in design of the Ven Zallow lightsaber, another Old Republic era Jedi lightsaber.

Image depicts Kao Cen Darach and the green-bladed Kao Cen Darach lightsaber

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