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The Cal lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Padawan Cal. Cal is a Clone Wars era human male Jedi Padawan in Star Wars Legends (Note: Cal in Star Wars Legends is a different character from Cal Kestis in Star Wars Canon). During the Clone Wars, Cal accepts a commission as a Jedi Commander. He fights alongside his master, Jedi General Tyffix.

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Cal lightsaber (Clone Wars era Jedi Padawan)
Jedi Padawan Cal wields a green-bladed lightsaber in the comic book Star Wars Jedi: Yoda (2004) | IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics

Cal Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Cal lightsaber is comprised of cylindrical metal hilt. The lower grip section features a diagonal crosshatched pattern. The lightsaber emits a green blade. Cal wields the lightsaber with either a one-handed or two-handed grip.

Cal learns the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple. Jedi Master Tyffix takes on Cal as his apprentice. During the Clone Wars, Cal serves the Jedi Order and Republic as a Jedi Commander and his master becomes a Jedi General. While recalling his Jedi training, Cal says, “My Master taught me that to fight like a warrior—to think like a conqueror—was the only way I’d survive.” As a battle-hardened young Jedi Padawan, Cal becomes increasingly cynical and disillusioned with the “old ways” of the Jedi serving as peacekeepers.

Mission to Thustra

In 21 BBY, Cal and Tyffix, along with Jedi General Tyr and his apprentice Jedi Commander Pix, undergo a mission to the planet Thustra. An army of clone troopers accompany the Jedi. The group’s mission is to deter to Sephi people, who are native to Thustra, from seceding from the Republic.

Shortly after the group’s arrival, the Sephi attack the Republic forces. Tyffix and Tyr are killed during the attack along many clone troopers. Pix contacts the Jedi Council. She reports the attack and the heavy loses of Republic forces. She requests reinforcements. Grand Master Yoda arrives on the planet to negotiate and end to hostilities. He arrives alone, seeking a peaceful resolution. Cal disapproves of the negotiating strategy, favoring battle.

Yoda’s Attempt at Peaceful Negotiations

Yoda takes Cal with him to negotiate with the Sephi king. Pix remains behind and oversees the command of the surviving clone troopers. Yoda instructs her to await his return. Cal begrudgingly accompanies Yoda, though he preferred to stay with the troops in the event of another attack.

Senator Navi’s Deception

When Yoda and Cal meet with King Alaric, the negotiations initially fail to persuade the king to remain in the Republic. In the meantime, Senator Navi and her aide plot to force the Jedi and clone troopers to suppress the rebellion of Thustra by force. The Senator deceives the Jedi and Republic troops and the Sephi alike with misinformation in order to intentionally incite violence between the groups.

Battle of Thustra and Its Aftermath

In the chaos and confusion, a large force of armed guards attack the Yoda and Cal. The guards had been told a lie that two Jedi had killed the king. Cal ignites his green-bladed lightsaber and engages the guards in battle, advising Yoda to do the same. Yoda instead uses a defensive, non-lethal strategy of using the Force to disarm the guards of their blaster rifles.

Meanwhile, Senator Navi deceives Pix into believing that the Sephi killed Yoda and Cal. Pix commands a preemptive attack against the Sephi. The palace guards begin overwhelming Cal into a blaster bolt strikes the Padawan in the back. Yoda uses the Force to push away the remaining guards. In his final moments of life, Cal blames Yoda for his death and the for the failure on Thustra.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Thustra, the Jedi and the Republic learn of Senator Navi’s duplicity. The Republic arrests Navi for crimes against the Republic and attempted murder. The Republic withdraws their forces from Thustra. The planet leaves the Republic and joins the Confederacy.

Behind the Scenes

The Cal lightsaber first appears in the comic book Star Wars Jedi: Yoda (2004). Jeremy Barlow (writter) and HOON (artist) created the Cal character and his lightsaber.

Image depicts the green-bladed Cal lightsaber

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