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The Zett Jukassa lightsaber is a single-hilt blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Padawan Zett Jukassa. Zett Jukassa is a Clone Wars era human male Jedi Padawan in Star Wars Canon and Star Wars Legends. In Legends, he is born with the name Warpoc Skamini.

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Jedi Padawan Zett Zukassa is born with the name Warpoc Skamini in Star Wars Legends | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Zett Jukassa Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The Zett Jukassa lightsaber is comprised a cylindrical metal hilt. The Jedi lightsaber emits a blue blade.

During the final years of the Republic, Zett Jukassa trains on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He becomes a Jedi Padawan sometime before the end of the Clone Wars. When Supreme Chancellor enacts Order 66, all Jedi are immediately deemed traitors of the Republic subject to extermination. Darth Vader and the 501st Legion storm the Jedi Temple, killing Jedi of all ages.

On a landing platform outside of the Jedi Temple, the Zett Jukassa ignites his lightsaber and wields his lightsaber against clone troopers. The young Padawan strikes down multiple clone troopers and deflects multiple blaster bolts. Outnumbered, Zett Jukassa is ultimately struck down by a blaster bolt. Senator Bail Organa witnesses the skirmish. As the Padawan falls, Organa cries out, “No!”

Zett Jukassa Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

In Star Wars Legends, the character is born with the name Warpoc Skamini. He later changes his name to Zett Jukassa.

Behind the Scenes

The Zett Jukassa lightsaber first appears in Star Wars Canon in the movie Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005).

Image depicts the Zett Jukassa lightsaber

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