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The Kina Ha lightsaber is a single-bladed lightsaber wielded by Kina Ha in Star Wars Legends. Kina Ha is a female Kaminoan Jedi Master who survives the enactment of Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge. Kina Ha is the only known Kaminoan Jedi.

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Kina Ha lightsaber
Kaminoan Jedi Kina Ha and the Kina Ha lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Wizards of the Coast

Kina Ha Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Kina Ha lightsaber is an ancient lightsaber with a long hilt and ornate design flourishes. The lightsaber blade color is unknown. Kina Ha lives for thousands of years, witnessing the Jedi Civil War, the Clone Wars, and the Great Jedi Purge.

Kina Ha is a Kaminoan born on the water world Kamino. She is genetically altered to survive deep-space missions. The Kaminoans never carry out the missions. Ha feels an increasing lack of purpose. An outcast and nonconformist in her society, Kina Ha flees the planet. She encounters Jedi Master Kras’dohk, who takes her on as an apprentice and trains her as a Jedi Guardian.

Under Kras’dohk’s tutelage, Kina Ha learns the ways of the Force and how to construct her own lightsaber. She ascends to the rank of Jedi Master. After the death of her master, Ha travels the galaxy for centuries. She witnesses the Jedi Civil War and maintains only very distant and sporadic contact with the Jedi Council. She has a disturbing Force vision of an army of dark side soldiers originating from Kamino.

Kina Ha journeys to Kamino and prepares for her vision to come true. She lives in solitude and witnesses the Kaminoan cloners produce many clone armies. None of the armies appears to be the army of dark side soldiers from her Force vision. When the Kaminoan cloners develop the Grand Army of the Republic, Kina Ha is unaware that the clones are pre-programmed with Order 66, contingency orders calling for the immediate execution of Jedi.

Surviving Order 66 and Later Life

When Darth Sidious enacts Order 66, Kina Ha flees Kamino. A smuggler Nyreen Vollen rescues Kina Ha and Jedi Padawan Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy. Vollen takes the two Jedi to the planet Mandalore where they live for awhile. Ha later joins the Altisian Jedi, a splinter faction of the Jedi Order.

Behind the Scenes

The Kina Ha lightsaber first appears in Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds (2004), a sourcebook for the Star Wars roleplaying game. The character Kina Ha makes her first appearance in a story in the novel Star Wars Imperial Commando: 501st (2009).

The Kina Ha lightsaber design appears retrofuturistic and steampunk-like in its design.

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Wizards of the Coast
Image depicts Kina Ha and the Kina Ha lightsaber

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