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The Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike is a blue-bladed lightsaber pike or yellow-bladed lightsaber pike wielded by Jedi Master Kazdan Paratus. Kazdan Paratus is a male Aleena Jedi Master during the Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire era in Star Wars Legends. Paratus equips himself with four self-constructed robotic arms on his back. The Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike briefly comes into the possession of Sith apprentice Galen Marek.

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Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Kazdan Paratus Lightsaber Pike in Star Wars Legends

The Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike is comprised of a long handle (pike) and emits a blue blade. Paratus rarely sees combat and rarely uses the lightsaber pike in battle, although he does uses the lightsaber to slice battle droids during the Clone Wars.

During his early years of Jedi training, Kazdan Paratus excels at tinkering with droid and building machines, but lacks in social and lightsaber skills. He successfully passes the Jedi Trials through the unconventional means of constructing battle droids to assist him.

After becoming a Jedi Knight, Paratus is mostly stationed at the Jedi Temple as an instructor and technician. During the Clone Wars, Paratus serves as a Jedi General, building medical droids, power droids, and other essential machines for the front lines of the war. He constructs four mechanical arms that attach to his back in order to increase his height and mobility.

Following the activation of Order 66, Kazdan Paratus is stationed at the Jedi Temple. He flees in terror, abandoning his students and fellow Jedi in their greatest time of need. He goes into hiding on the junk planet Raxus Prime. Plagued with guilt over his abandonment of the Jedi, Paratus builds a personal army of droids to protect him from intruders. Descending into guilt, madness and delusion, the Jedi Master starts to replicate the Jedi Temple using junk and puppets.

Darth Vader sends his secret Sith apprentice, Starkiller, to dispatch Kazdan Paratus. After Starkiller fights off many of Paratus’ armed droid protectors, Paratus lunges at the Sith apprentice a fiece lightsaber duel ensues. Paratus relies heavily on the Force and constantly hops from place to place during the skirmish, making the Jedi Master a challenging target and opponent for Starkiller. Starkiller ultimately uses the Force to throw a large chunk of machinery at Paratus, killing the Jedi Master.

The focusing lens on the Kazdan Paratus lightsaber is damaged in the battle. Starkiller salvages the lightsaber. After failing to find a method of fixing the lightsaber, Starkiller discards the Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike.

Behind the Scenes

The Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike first appears in Star Wars Legends in novel and video game The Force Unleashed (2008). The Kazdan Paratus lightsaber is depicted in may different ways depending on the version of the video game. The lightsaber is depicted as a blue-bladed lightsaber pike in the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 versions of the The Force Unleashed video game and a yellow-bladed lightsaber pike in the Nintendo DS versions. The lightsaber is depicted as a yellow double-bladed lightsaber with a long hilt in the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable version of the game. Finally, The Force Unleashed novel describes the lightsaber as emitting two blades: one shorter, and one longer.

Image depicts the Kazdan Paratus lightsaber pike

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