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The Tyzen Xebec lightsaber is a single-bladed blue lightsaber (or possibly cyan lightsaber) wielded by Jedi Padawan Tyzen Xebec. Tyzen Xebec is a Clone Wars era male Zabrak Jedi Padawan in Star Wars Legends. He studies the ways of the Force under Jedi Master Bolla Ropal.

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Tyzen Xebec lightsaber
Tyzen Xebec lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm

Tyzen Xebec Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Tyzen Xebec lightsaber is comprised of a cylindrical metal hilt. The hilt is primarily metallic silver in color with a contrasting red button near the emitter. The lightsaber features a subtly slanted emitter, a narrow grip section near the top, and a conical pommel. The lightsaber emits a blue or possibly cyan blade.

During the Clone Wars, Jedi Padawan Tyzen Xebec and his master, Jedi Master Bolla Ropal, oversee the construction of the Jedi Temple of Eedit on the planet Devaron. Confederate forces, under the command of the bounty hunter Cad Bane, unexpectedly invade the planet. Ropal is taken prisoner, tortured and eventually killed. During the battle, Xebec senses the disappearance of his master through the Force and orders the clone troopers to release the dams. The water washes away the battle droids and ends the battle.

Upon his return to the Jedi Temple, Xebec mourns the loss of his master. He is later assigned a new master, Jedi Keelyvine Reus. They fight in the Battle of Ukio. In the battle, Tyzen Xebec demonstrates proficiency in lightsaber combat, including telekinetic lightsaber combat. In the battle, he throws his lightsaber through the air, slicing through several battle droids.

Behind the Scenes

The Tyzen Xebec lightsaber first appears in the StarWars.com webcomic The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct (2009). Writer Pablo Hidalgo and artist Thomas Hodges co-created the Tyzen Xebec character and lightsaber.


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