What is a slanted emitter? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A slanted emitter is an angled or curved lightsaber emitter style. Unlike standard, flat-top emitter styles, a slanted emitter may consist of a angled cut or an s-curve shape. In some cases a slanted emitter may also feature a more standard flat-top emitter on the inside.

Types of Slanted Emitters: Angled and S-curve
There are two main types of slanted emitters: angled and s-curve. An angled emitter features a constant slope, often around 45 degrees (e.g. Darth Vader lightsaber). An s-curve emitter features an ‘s’ shaped wave or squiggle (e.g. Skywalker lightsaber).

Saberforge Fury Lightsaber features a slanted emitter with a cutout section

Slanted Emitter with Cutout or Slit
Some lightsaber hilts with a slanted emitter feature a slit or cutout section. A cutout in the emitter may make the emitter section look more jagged and menacing, as if the emitter section has horns or claws.

Slanted Emitter as a Shroud
A slanted emitter may be added to a lightsaber hilt as a shroud that slides over the top of the body of the hilt (e.g. Darth Vader lightsaber).

Slanted Emitter as a Design Feature
The angled or curved appearance of a slanted emitter adds personality and charm to a lightsaber hilt–the front view, back view, and side view of the lightsaber emitter all look different. A slanted emitter may make a lightsaber hilt look less like a flashlight lightsaber than some basic flat-top emitter styles.

A slanted emitter is also strongly associated with popular Star Wars character hilts including: Darth Vader lightsaber, Anakin Skywalker Epsiode II lightsaber, Starkiller lightsaber, and the Skywalker lightsaber.

A blade plug with a wide rim will not fit inside a lightsaber with a slanted emitter.

How Slanted Emitters Affect Blade Plugs and Non-Standard Blades
Lightsabers with slanted emitters are NOT compatible with blade plugs that have a wide lip or rim on top that’s wider than the blade plug body. Blade plugs with a top rim are more suitable for a flat-top emitter. If you plan to you a non-standard blade, like a flat acrylic blade from Ripper Blades, make sure that the blade tang (or stem) is the proper length and shape to fit inside the slanted emitter section.

Cover Image: s-curve emitter (left), angled emitter (middle), angled emitter with cutout (right)

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