What is a slanted emitter? | Lightsaber Terminology

slanted emitter

A slanted emitter is an angled or curved lightsaber emitter style. Unlike standard, flat-top emitter styles, a slanted emitter may consist of a angled cut or an s-curve shape. In some cases a slanted emitter may also feature a more standard flat-top emitter on the inside. Types of Slanted Emitters: Angled and S-curveThere are two … Read more

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory Full Review Tsuba Emitter

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory resembles a tsuba (handguard) on a Japanese katana. How the piece works is your slide it over the Kyberlight lightsaber emitter area and attach it to the hilt with a screw. The top piece is also compatible with some Saberforge hilts, but not all, so you need to make sure … Read more