One Replicas SSRf Super Stunt Lightsaber (Repaired Graflex) | New Saber Alert

One Replicas SSRf Super Stunt lightsaber

The One Replicas SSRf Super Stunt Lightsaber has been released. The slimmed-down custom saber is inspired by the reforged Skywalker lightsaber that Rey wields in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. One Replicas SSRf lightsaber is available as an empty hilt (for DIY) capable of accepting electronics. One Replicas released the SSRf in mid October … Read more

REVIEW custom Shameem Stafflex Lightsaber | MHS Graflex Saberstaff

This is a Shameem custom Stafflex lightsaber. The custom saber, made by Shameem, is inspired by the concept of creating a double-bladed Skywalker lightsaber. Given that many Star Wars fans envisioned Rey wielding a saberstaff, this custom Stafflex design represents an alternative fate for the Skywalker lightsaber. The hilt is primarily comprised of two Graflex … Read more

ACLightsabers TCO Lightsaber Released | New Saber Alert

ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber

The ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber has been released. The budget friendly custom saber is influenced by the design of the Graflex lightsaber (i.e. Skywalker lightsaber), though the design is slimmed-down and simplified. “TCO” stands for “The Chosen One”. The ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber is available as a stunt saber (light only, no sound), sound saber with in-hilt … Read more

REVIEW Volt1987 Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop Stainless Steel | Graflex Style

The Volt1987 ‘Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop – Stainless Steel’ is a custom saber prop by United Kingdom based Etsy seller, Volt1987. The Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Custom Prop, which is affordably priced, has a strong homemade vibe to it.

Shameem Custom MHS Graflex Thin Neck Hybrid Lightsaber Hilt Review

This is a custom MHS Graflex Thin Neck Hybrid Lightsaber by Shameem Moshrefzadeh. The hilt is primarily comprised of Modular Hilt System (MHS) parts from The Custom Saber Shop.

The Pach Store ErgoFlex Lightsaber (Affordable Graflex) | New Saber Alert

The Pach Store ErgoFlex lightsaber

The Pach Store released the ErgoFlex lightsaber, an affordably-priced, slimmed-down custom saber loosely inspired by the design of the Graflex lightsaber. ErgoFlex, which is configured as a budget friendly sound saber, is available as a single color LED saber (with a V2 board) or as a 16-color RGB saber (with a V3 board). ErgoFlex comes … Read more

What is Mylar tape? | Lightsaber Terminology

Mylar tape

Lightsaber enthusiasts and prop makers wrap a thin strip of Mylar tape with a chrome-like, mirror-finish around a Skywalker lightsaber hilt in order to cover up the ‘Graflex’ lettering on the Graflex clamp section of the hilt. Star Wars prop makers constructed the original Skywalker lightsaber out of a vintage 1930s/1940s era Graflex flashgun. The … Read more

What is a Graflex clamp? | Lightsaber Terminology

Graflex clamp

A Graflex clamp is a lightsaber part comprised of a metal fastening assembly that encircles the midsection of a vintage 1930s/1940s era Graflex 3 Cell Flashgun. Although the mounting clamp is designed to attach to the flashgun to the camera, Star Wars prop makers salvaged and slightly modified a real world Graflex 3 Cell Flashgun … Read more

What is a slanted emitter? | Lightsaber Terminology

slanted emitter

A slanted emitter is an angled or curved lightsaber emitter style. Unlike standard, flat-top emitter styles, a slanted emitter may consist of a angled cut or an s-curve shape. In some cases a slanted emitter may also feature a more standard flat-top emitter on the inside. Types of Slanted Emitters: Angled and S-curveThere are two … Read more

aynranfan ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’ Full Review | Jeffrey Parks

aynranfan Graflex lightsaber

Ebay seller aynranfan is offering a ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop‘ [EBAY AFFILIATE LINK]. The seller, aynranfan is Jeffrey Parks, who used to run the custom saber website Parks Sabers. Although the eBay listing is named ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’, the hilt is actually configured like the Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back … Read more