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The Volt1987 ‘Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop – Stainless Steel’ is a custom saber prop by United Kingdom based Etsy seller, Volt1987. The Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Custom Prop, which is affordably priced, has a strong homemade, found parts vibe to it. The hilt is designed as a static display piece for cosplay and display purposes.

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The Volt1987 Rey lightsaber hilt is mostly made of metal–primarily steel and aluminum–and weighs about 10 ounces. The hilt has some heft to it, but it’s not extremely heavy since it is hollow and uses a somewhat thin piece of metal for the main body. The display prop features many different fun little details throughout the hilt. Although the overall design is not intended to be extremely screen accurate, Volt1987 exhibits a charming, homemade vibe.

The hilt features an s-curve emitter with a decorative blade holder at the top. A small blue kyber crystal is visible inside the top of the hilt, although the crystal does not illuminate. The blade holder section extends out of the hilt to form the bunny ears. Either side of the top of the hilt features a red thumbscrew style greeblies. The thick activation box is topped by a black clamp card with a reflective gold foil material.

The lower part of the hilt is encircled with a series of black rubber grips. The grips are not T-track grips, but rather more triangular shaped gripped with a groove in the middle. Each grip is glue and attached with screws near the bottom. The non-removable pommel of the hilt features a brass or gold colored spherical piece and a D-ring. The pommel is not vented or removable.

Volt1987 Etsy Store affiliate link

Volt1987, based in the United Kingdom, is a custom lightsaber display prop maker. The company sells the custom lightsaber hilts on Etsy.

Volt1987 Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop Stainless Steel

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