EVERY Hasbro Marvel Legends Prop: The Ultimate Guide and List

Hasbro Marvel Legends Prop List

Hasbro Marvel Legends Prop line first launched in 2016. The line consists of prop replica weapons, shields, and other iconic items from the Marvel franchise! The prop replica line joins the broader Marvel Legends product line, a toy and collectibles line emphasizing action figures ranging from 4 inch to 12 inch scale. Looking for the … Read more

Biomechine Props Foam LARP Saber Talon Released | New Saber Alert

The Biomechine Props Foam LARP Saber Talon has been released. The custom foam LARP Saber, inspired by the design of a clawed emitter lightsaber, is designed for use during a sci-fi LARP battle.

REVIEW Volt1987 Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop Stainless Steel | Graflex Style

The Volt1987 ‘Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Costume Prop – Stainless Steel’ is a custom saber prop by United Kingdom based Etsy seller, Volt1987. The Rey’s Lightsaber Cosplay Custom Prop, which is affordably priced, has a strong homemade vibe to it.

Volt1987: Budget Friendly Lightsaber Hilts for Cosplay or Display | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Volt1987 makes affordably priced, character inspired lightsaber hilt props for cosplay or display. Volt1987 is a United Kingdom based Etsy seller. The company’s selection of custom lightsaber hilts, which are made of metal, includes several designs inspired the Skywalker lightsaber as well as a design inspired by the Darth Vader lightsaber. Volt1987 lightsaber hilts, including … Read more

Crossfire Props Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Etsy seller Crossfire3D released Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber. The real life size prop replica is inspired by the iconic, dumbbell-shaped design of the diminutive, LEGO lightsaber hilt.

Top 4 Jedi Props That Complement a Lightsaber

Jedi display props

Beyond the elegant and iconic lightsaber, Jedi require other in-universe prop replicas as well. Here are the top 4 types of Jedi props to complement a lightsaber. All of the props are display pieces, cosplay props, or both. The article contains affiliate links, meaning if you click through and buy an item SaberSourcing gets some … Read more

Jawa’s Junkyard Gungi Lightsaber Hilt Review

Jawa's Junkyard Gungi lightsaber

The Jawa’s Junkyard Gungi lightsaber hilt is a 3D printed lightsaber hilt. Gungi is a Wookiee Jedi Youngling from Star Wars canon. Jawa’s Junkyard is an Australia based custom saber company. Jawa’s Junkyard (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/JawasJunkyardCustoms affiliate link Watch Jawa’s Junkyard Gungi Lightsaber Hilt Review on YouTube Gungi is a 3D printed hilt comprised two colors: … Read more

What is a lightsaber trophy? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber trophy

A lightsaber trophy is a weathered and damaged lightsaber confiscated from an enemy combatant, often a fallen Jedi, in order to commemorate victory in battle. A lightsaber trophy is often but not always severely worn and damaged to the point of being unusable. Similar to a war trophy, a lightsaber trophy symbolized a combatant’s prowess … Read more

What is a PVC lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

ACLightsabers PVC lightsaber

A PVC lightsaber is a style of lightsaber hilt constructed primarily from PVC pipe and PVC fittings found in a hardware store’s plumbing section. Some builders use UPVC instead of PVC. UPVC is stronger and more durable than PVC. The low materials cost and ease of access to a variety of PVC pipe and PVC fittings make … Read more

Gutting a Lightsaber: Top 4 Reasons for Removing Internals

lightsaber hilt

Gutting a lightsaber is the process of removing all of the internal components or ‘guts’ (i.e. electronics, chassis, batteries, etc) from a lightsaber hilt. Here are the top 4 reasons sabersmiths and lightsaber enthusiasts gut a lightsaber. 1. Gutting a Lightsaber to Create an Empty Cosplay Prop or Display HiltA broken, inexpensive or outdated lightsaber … Read more