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Etsy seller Crossfire Props released Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber. The “giant”, life size prop replica is inspired by the iconic, dumbbell-shaped design of the diminutive, toy LEGO lightsaber hilt. The custom saber is intended for display or cosplay purposes only and is NOT duel worthy. Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber is not licensed by LEGO or Lucasfilm/Disney.

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Crossfire Props (Etsy) Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Crossfire Props

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The lightsaber measures about 27.5 inches long, from the bottom of the hilt to the tip of the blade. The hilt is a hand sanded and hand painted 3D printed piece made from PLA plastic. The hilt is painted a metallic silver color.

The permanently attached blade, which seats inside the hilt body, is made from sturdy, transparent acrylic rod resembling the toy LEGO lightsaber blade.

The transparent lightsaber blade color options include: Blue, Red, Clear, Green, Orange, Bubble Clear, or Purple. The Bubble Clear blade features intentional air bubbles in the blade, mimicking the air bubbles present inside some toy LEGO lightsaber blade. The blade does not illuminate.

Crossfire Props includes a display stand with the Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber as well.

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CrossFire Props is a United States based Etsy store that specializes in custom, 3D printed prop replica lightsaber kits. The company was formerly known as Crossfire3D.

Image depicts CrossFire3D Human Sized Lego Inspired Lightsaber

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