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The Biomechine Props Foam LARP Saber Talon has been released. The custom foam LARP Saber, inspired by the design of a clawed emitter lightsaber, is designed for use during a sci-fi LARP battle. LARP (live-action roleplaying game) is a type of role-playing game where participants physically portray their characters. The Talon LARP Saber, which contains no electronics or lights, is designed for light-hitting LARP combat.

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Biomechine Props Foam LARP Saber Talon | IMAGE CREDIT Biomechine Props

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The Talon LARP Saber, which is a handmade and hand painted foam lightsaber, is about 36 inches long overall. The blade length is about 26 inches and LARP Saber weighs about 8 ounces. A graphite core serves as the foundation for the LARP Saber. The hilt is made from craft foam wrapped with genuine leather. The blade is comprised of 0.5 in soft foam wrapped with 2mm craft foam. The foam blade is topped with a 2 inch conical, soft foam tip.

The LARP saber is made using a rubberized coating, acrylic paints, and waterproof sealant. The look and size of the saber will vary slightly. Several hilt color options and foam blade color options are available.

Biomechine Props (Etsy) affiliate link

Biomechine Props is a United States based LARP and Cosplay ‘foamsmith’. The company makes several custom foam lightsabers (i.e. LARP Sabers), custom foam thermal detonators, and other custom foam items.

Image depicts Biomechine Props ‘Foam LARP Saber – Talon’

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