What is a broadsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A broadsaber is a rare lightsaber variation that emits a flat lightsaber blade instead of a standard, more common cylindrical lightsaber blade. A specialized focusing lens and emitter enables the emission of the flat blade, according to Star Wars Canon.

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A Ripper Blades Ninja Ripper Blade is a custom flat lightsaber blade that may be similar in design to a broadsaber. | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The broadsaber looks similar to a traditional sword. Additionally, the name “broadsaber” is similar to the real world sword type the “broadsword”. The Darksaber, an ancient black bladed lightsaber the emits a black blade in Star Wars Canon, is similar in appearance to a broadsaber. It is unclear if the Darksaber is considered an example of a broadsaber, however.

Jedi generally disfavor the broadsaber believing the design less elegant than lightsabers emitting a cylindrical blade. The broadsaber boasts a wider, flatter surface area than a cylindrical blade. A broadsaber blade’s flat design lacks the omnidirectional cutting edge of a standard cylindrical blade, however. A broadsaber is well suited for Form I of lightsaber combat, which is the most direct, simplistic, and ancient form of lightsaber combat.

The broadsaber joins Star Wars Canon in the roleplaying game sourcebook Star Wars Force of Destiny: Knights of Fate (2018). Although the book mentions and describes the broadsaber, there are no photos or drawings of the lightsaber. There are currently no official images of a broadsaber.

No officially licensed broadsaber toys or broadsaber prop replicas exist. A few officially licensed Darksaber items do exist. A few custom saber companies, like Ripper Blades, make custom flat lightsaber blades.

Image depicts a custom Ripper Blade Ninja flat lightsaber blade

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